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Causes “photocopy” to obtain undue reimbursements: investigations also in Calabria

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A massive scam to the detriment of many Telephone companies is what he believes he has discovered Finance Police of the provincial command of Powerwhich this morning played a targeted search at the firm of a well-known lawyer of the hole of Benevento, seizing a large number of documents and practices.

This is the outcome of the operation called “Call Me“Which in addition to Basilicata also affects the Calabria and Campania.

According to the investigators, the lawyer in question would have set up an alleged fraudulent system thanks to the complacency of several judges of peace located in the territory.

A system that would have worked very simply, being based essentially on the presentation of numerous appeals – up to 300 or 400 at a time – aimed at obtaining gods injunctive decrees of payment.

At Telephone companies was therefore required the exhibition of the stipulated contract with various customers, often online, fearing anomalies and malfunctions.

The high amount of appeals however, it prevented companies from managing them in the short term, thus triggering an injunction for obtain financial compensation completely undue.

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During the investigations, the military was able to find the presence of false signatures – therefore affixed not by the alleged applicants – and the use of a systema photocopy“: This allowed considerably multiply the number of appeals in order to obtain undue economic benefits.

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