Technology: from the European drone to the super cloud, here’s what’s cooking between Italy and France

Technology: from the European drone to the super cloud, here’s what’s cooking between Italy and France
Technology: from the European drone to the super cloud, here’s what’s cooking between Italy and France
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“Among the top ten companies in the world in the field of defense there is only one European and it is the last”, to say it is Paolo Savedsvp strategy & new initiatives by Leonardo, who spoke in the panel “Technology, the development of the Franco-Italian pillars” of the review Milan Paris Capital 2022organized by Class Editori. “Leonardo herself is out of the top ten positions”, reveals Salvatore, who continues “for counteract the excessive power of China and the United States we have to create European champions who can compete on a global level. To do this, it will be crucial to make the best use of the funds made available by the EU “.

“Italy has allocated a large part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) to digitization, especially of the Public Administration “, he comments Andrea Falleni, CEO of Capgemini Italia and global sales officer of Capgemini South & Central Europe. “Our country, however, is still lagging behind the other Member States. We must spend European funds well, therefore, if we want to reach the levels of Northern Europe”, continues Falleni, who underlines the role played by his company: “We are the the Union’s largest technology player and we assist businesses at 360 degrees favor digital connections between Italy and Francepooling trends and innovations to accelerate synergies “.

“Cooperation between the two nations is fundamental for the technological sovereignty of the Union”, is part of the theme Giuseppe Di Francogroup executive vice president and CEO of Atos Italia: “It allowed us to create a super computer, second in speed only to a Japanese PC. Alone, it has 80% of the national processing capacity and 20% of that of the EU. Its development took place in France: without the French contribution the super computer would not exist “.

From the European drone to the super cloud: this is what’s cooking between Italy and France

But what are the others joint projects? “Leonardo’s collaboration with France has lasted for 40 years”, explains Paolo Saves, “they range from aeronautics to missile defense and have an important geopolitical impact on the sovereignty of the continent. To cite a few examples, we are working on the realization of the European drone and, we have launched a project within NATO for the development ofhelicopter of the future. Without to forget Gaia Xthe European super cloud that will play a decisive role in guaranteeing the digital security of the EU “.

“The affinity between the two countries is mutual”, adds Falleni, “there are great synergies, you see EssilorLuxottica and Stellantis, and both France and Italy invest each in the productive fabric of the other. There is a problem, however: it is not possible to train young people capable of going directly from university to the world of work “.” Sui talents we are investing a lot, especially in Southern Italy, where there are large universities, “Di Franco then says.” For the young people it is a great opportunity, but also for the country – he is about to conclude -, because cooperation between companies and the university world can represent a beacon in the digital transformation process “. (all rights reserved)

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