“after 20 years the new asphalt in viale Puglia, incredulous residents”

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“In this service there is some useful information regarding the construction site”Street by street“, started by viale Puglia between the disbelief of the residents (after more than 20 years), the satisfaction of the traders and the satisfaction of passers-by “ – the Mayor recalled on Facebook Giovanna Bruno who then added:

“The word also to the construction manager, ing. Stefano Tattolo, Andriese by birth and professional among the Italian excellences in his field. Thanks to the tireless councilor for the newspaper arc. Mario Loconte, to the manager of the public works sector, arc. Rosario Sarcinelli and the sole person in charge of the procedure, ing. Paolo Bavaro. To the executing company, an invitation to work hard and with precision, for the good progress of the construction site and for the improvement of the city. Go on” – concluded the Mayor on social media.

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