Wounded worker: trade unions, “climate of apprehension and concern” – Marche

Wounded worker: trade unions, “climate of apprehension and concern” – Marche
Wounded worker: trade unions, “climate of apprehension and concern” – Marche
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51-year-old operated, in a pharmacological coma. 2 hours on Fincantieri strike

(ANSA) – ANCONA, SEPTEMBER 15 – There is “a climate of apprehension and concern” among the Fincantieri workers of Ancona for the health conditions of the 51-year-old worker yesterday overwhelmed by a steel plate while working in a shipyard shed , in the port of Ancona. This was reported by Tiziano Beldomenico, Fiom CGIL regional secretary. The trade unions, Fim Cisl, Fiom Cgil and Uilm Uil, today called a two-hour national strike in all Fincantieri plants to draw attention to the issue of safety at work.

“We expect a high level of participation in the strike – says the trade unionist Fiom Cgil -, especially in the Ancona construction site, but also in the other factories in the country, because the issue of safety is very much felt among workers. It is not possible that in 2022 we still have to dying on the job, where one goes to earn ‘bread’ “.

The 51-year-old is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit in Torrette, in serious condition. The man remains in a reserved prognosis and is kept by the doctors in a pharmacological coma due to the severe crushing thoracic trauma with respiratory failure. The worker also suffered a trauma of the pelvis and a fracture of the humerus for which he underwent surgery yesterday.

Beldomenico makes it known that in Ancona today the two-hour strike will take place at the end of each of the three shifts, ie from 12 to 14, from 14.30 to 16.30 and from 20 to 22.

The workers will cross their arms to ask for “greater safety in the workplace” explains Beldomenico. “We want safety to be central again in all workplaces and that at the government level – he says – a serious discussion on the issue opens: we need more stringent laws, greater controls and more training”.

As regards the health conditions of the worker, he adds “we hope he can make it, for now we are comforted by the fact that he has passed the surgery, even if his conditions remain serious”. (HANDLE).

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