they will treat her at Gemelli. Hopes for a happy ending

they will treat her at Gemelli. Hopes for a happy ending
they will treat her at Gemelli. Hopes for a happy ending
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It is a special flight that departed yesterday from Perth and arrived today in Fiumicino. The landing marks the happy ending of a very complicated story: in fact, there is also on board Mara Farci, the 30-year-old originally from Fluminimaggiore, a municipality in Southern Sardinia, hospitalized for two months at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. She is in coma deep and so crossed the oceans. Next to her, her parents and a doctor from Medical Connect, who assisted her during the trip. On the track, waiting for her, an ambulance equipped to take the young Sardinian to Gemelli Polyclinic From Rome.


Nobody imagined that Mara’s journey, who two months ago decided to leave her job, her loved ones, her country of origin and go to Australia, would have turned into a nightmare. Yet the young woman, who for 16 years had been suffering from anorexia, to give up traveling he did not want to know. Health problems were no obstacle for her. She was counting on her strengths, however weak, and she would not agree to cure herself. But in the end, despite her longed-for dream of being in the place she most wanted and her independence from working as an au pair in a Melbourne family, her body gave way. “She had a collapse of internal organs, at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne the doctors took her by the hair – says the mayor of Fluminimaggiore, Marco Corrias – Her parents left immediately”.

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The young woman has now been in a coma for two months. Doctors recommend taking her home. But it is at this point that the drama of Mara’s family becomes an issue that affects everyone. The costs are too high and the family would not have been able to support them. “In addition to the pain of their daughter’s condition, the parents had to deal with the cost of living which is very expensive. The villagers contributed to the overnight stay in a hotel – recalls the mayor – But then the costs for the return trip were between 45 and 50 thousand euros. So we started a fundraiser on a website and within 5 days we raised 70 thousand euros ». Meanwhile, the consul in Melbourne Hanna Pappalardo takes care of all the practical management: from the medical company specializing in transport, to the organization of the trip from Melbourne to Rome. “Mara is in a deep coma, so they had to charter a part of the Qantas plane. It was also necessary the support of a doctor who assisted her during the trip ».

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The Gemelli Polyclinic, which has been identified by the Farnesina for the hospitalization of the young woman, will only take care of her for a short period. In fact, Mara will return to Sardinia, to a hospital equipped with resuscitation. «The only positive aspect of this story – explains the mayor – is that Mara returns to Italy. Doctors say this is no longer a drug problem. The young woman breathes, but she does not wake up. Those are imponderable situations: you can wake up at any moment ». Meanwhile, everyone is hoping for a happy ending. “Mara is an intelligent girl, she has a degree in law and for almost two years she has been employed in the municipal office-remembers Corrias-We knew that she was at risk. She was aware of it too, but she thought she was strong. ‘ And when she asked for an unpaid two-year leave of absence three months ago to go to Australia, even the mayor tried to dissuade her. “She wanted to get out of the country. I talked to her for a long time. But it was useless ».

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