where to find the results, more than half did not pass the test

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Boom of failures in the admission test for aspiring medical freshmen, waiting for the national ranking on 29 September

Posted on: 09-14-2022 17:18


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A real flop for the candidates of the last medicine and surgery tests which took place last September 6 on a national basis. Today, at the release of the results anonymously, in fact, it emerged that just over half of the aspiring freshmen reached the minimum score of 20 to pass the test and that, above all, compared to past years the minimum score to enter ranking has decreased sharply.

Medicine test, how many fail

In the medical test scores published today by the ministry of the University, a bitter picture emerges for many aspiring doctors who, unfortunately, found the biggest obstacle in the entrance exam. In fact, according to reports from Alpha Test, of the 56 thousand who tried the admission test, only 28,793 were eligible managing to reach the threshold of 20 points required to pass the exam.

This means that, compared to the 56,775 students who took the exam (65,378 were enrolled, but over 8 thousand did not show up), just over half passed the test. According to these calculations, there are about 10 thousand insufficient more than last year. It will be understood if the cause is to be found in the fact that the test has changed and has been more oriented to the subjects of address or if the Dad effect has had an impact on the preparation of the students (here we talked about the Arwu ranking of universities).

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Also, according to Alpha Test’s calculations, the minimum score to enter among the 13,152 freshmen (the total number of places is 14,740 including places for faculty in English or private) is 33.8 (out of 90 points), down compared to 2021 when 3.5 points more were needed.

Where to find the test results

For all aspiring freshmen who have the curiosity to know their medical test results, there are two options. The first, the one available from today, is to access the reserved area of ​​Universitaly and, using the label code – the alphanumeric code of the pair of labels applied on the day of the test on the answer sheet and on the personal data sheet – find the test result anonymously.

From the September 23Instead, MIUR will upload the answers form and the personal data sheet of each student with the relative score in the reserved area. To know with certainty the minimum score to enter it will be necessary to wait for the national ranking by name which will be published on September 29.


When were the medicine tests?

The tests for admission to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery took place on 6 September 2022.

How many places are there in medicine in 2022?

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In 2022 the places available for Medicine are 14,740 for EU and non-resident students in Italy. This is 720 more places than in 2021, which had reserved only 14,020 places available for Medicine and Surgery.

When do the medical test results come out?

The results of the medical tests will be released on two different dates: on 14 September 2022 anonymously on Universitaly, from 23 September 2022 the MIUR will load the answers form and the personal data sheet of each student in the reserved area.

When does the national medical test ranking come out?

The national ranking list will be published on 29 September 2022. On this date, the minimum score that will allow aspiring students to become medical freshmen will be known with certainty.


Photo Source: ANSA

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