closed a hotel in the historic center. Bacterium detected in other buildings

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The Politeama hotel, in the center of Palermo, was evacuated as a precaution. Villa Niscemi, owned by the municipality, has been closed for legionella for 9 months

Posted on: 09-14-2022 20:50


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Legionella alarm is still a Palermo, where the bacterium was found in a hotel and other buildings in the historic city center. The municipal police, on Tuesday 13 September, notified the closure of the Politeama hotel ordered by the mayor Roberto Lagalla. In the following hours traces of legionella were found in the pipes of other buildings in the center, in via Principe di Belmonte.

Legionella in Palermo, evacuated a building in the center

Guests of thePoliteama hotel they have been transferred to other facilities. The building in via Principe di Belmonte was also evacuated to prevent the spread of the legionella bacterium, which can cause very serious pneumonia.

Usually the bacterium lurks in the cisterns of the buildings, in the condensation of the air conditioners and in the pipes, especially in very old buildings with dated plumbing systems.

Legionella alarm, the Amap distances itself

The evictions were decided in the light of the results of tests carried out on water samples taken in the buildings by the ASP of Palermo. The checks are going on.

Meanwhile Amap, the company that manages the water distribution in Palermo and surroundings, has made it clear that it is not involved in the management of these cases.

As specified by the MAP, the latest cases of legionella they concern “private systems downstream of the meters”.

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The cleaning of the air conditioning systems serves to counteract legionella

Villa Niscemi closed for nine months due to the legionella alarm

The problem of legionella is not new in Palermo. Villa Niscemithe representative office of the Municipality, has been closed for nine months after the analyzes that revealed the presence of the bacterium.

A few months ago, however, due to the presence of legionella, the municipal swimming pool in Viale del Fante was closed. The latter had been reopened after several sanitizing interventions. For Villa Niscemi, 35 thousand euros have recently been allocated for the interventions necessary to eradicate the bacterium.

How to avoid the spread of legionella

Legionella has an incubation period of 2-10 days and exhibits symptoms such as: fever, body aches, headache, asthenia, sore throat, cough and pneumonia. Contagion occurs through aerial inhalation of water or liquids that host the Legionella bacillus.

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Legionella usually nest in stagnant water or blocked ventilation systems. To prevent legionella it is good to carry out periodic checks on the ventilation systems and on the water system.



It is a bacillus that causes a disease called legionellosis, which is transmitted by air and can cause even acute forms of pneumonia


By inhaling or sucking in the aerosol of contaminated water generated by taps, shower heads, air conditioners and humidification systems


The regular and correct maintenance of the systems constitutes an effective preventive measure; heating the water to temperatures above 60 ° C kills the bacterium, as does adequate chlorination or treatment with ultraviolet rays


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