Chiara Ferragni-Brothers of Italy, is a clash over the elections

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ROME – Sparks between Brothers of Italy And Chiara Ferragni a few days before the political elections. The influencer shared the one-page post, ‘open the brain’, in her Instagram stories, which contains a lengthy analysis of the political situation. Ferragni commented: “Read everything. Make your voice heard on September 25th ”. And he sparked the senator’s reaction Ignazio La Russa. By the way, already in the past few weeks the influencer had argued with Giorgia Meloni’s partyciting the case of the Marche Region and the positions of the junta on abortion.


Here is the text of the post of the page ‘apriteilcervello’ which received the approval of Ferragni: “Those of September 25th for millions and millions of Italians will be normal elections, the usual elections that will lead to the formation of yet another ‘thief and corrupt government’ much hated and now entered into the vision of public opinion. For many other people, on the other hand, the elections on 25 September will be a carnagewill represent the birth (according to all current forecasts) of the right-most government (at the level of ideological extremism) throughout the history of the Italian Republic ”.

The author of the post mentions “black people from Italy or resident in Italy, who will suffer the extent of the hatred that will be created by the very fiery and brutal tones that will exist on the immigration issue “. But also “the many children and young people who have always lived in Italy but they are not Italians since they are of foreign origin, I think of their hope of having a decent citizenship law vanish ”.

And then LGBT + people “Which will see the hopes of being protected disappear for the next five years”, the women “Free and aware of how important it is to decide on your own body”. The page ‘open the brain recalls: “The parties of Salvini, Meloni and Berlusconi are the same parties that a few weeks ago in the European Parliament voted against a resolution calling for condemning the abortion of the right to abortion in the United States and for the recognition of abortion as a fundamental right in Europe ”.

Furthermore, the post talks about “people who will see the hope of having one crushed, without the possibility of an appeal end of life law, on euthanasia “. But also “we millions of people who will suffer all this, we young people who will find ourselves living with those who govern with bigotry and discrimination

For this reason, the author of the Instagram post relaunched by Ferragni asks to commit to countering “the total apathy of millions of Italians, who will not contribute directly with their vote to make this happen, but neither will they do anything to prevent it. Apathy summed up in non-voting because ‘nothing changes anyway’ or because ‘I don’t want to inform myself’ “


“Although the outcome of September 25 seems already written”, the post continues referring to the polls, there is however “over 40% of Italians who say they don’t know who to vote for and therefore could abstain. It is necessary to explain to them that the elections that for them are the ones that will lead to the formation of a new ‘corrupt government’, for millions of us are the beginning of something else“.

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Then the final appeal to the over 730,000 followers of the ‘open your brain’ page: “Talk to them, defeat their apathy because it is possible. Your activism is important, your voice is essential“.


To provoke the reaction of Ignazio La Russa are the words “corrupt government”. The senator of the Brothers of Italy states: “In the ‘old corrupt government’, Brothers of Italy certainly did not exist, while for ten years in governments there have always been, without ever having won, all the political friends of Ferragni. What if they were corrupt? Ferragni affirms it. They were certainly the opposite of good. And I challenge Ferragni to three months of social silence if the ones she sponsors lose. Do you accept the bet or do you know that you would lose a mountain of money earned without merit? ”, Concludes the Melonian exponent.

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