Press Release: CRV – Appeal by the President of the Veneto Regional Council

Press Release: CRV – Appeal by the President of the Veneto Regional Council
Press Release: CRV – Appeal by the President of the Veneto Regional Council
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(Arv) Venice 14 Sept. 2022 – “I invite all mayors to do everything possible to facilitate, as required by law, the participation in the vote of senior citizens: voting is a right and it is our duty to ensure that everyone can vote, even those who have difficulty walking . I am well aware that there are deadlines for requesting municipal services, but many times citizens are uninformed and even at the time of the vote bureaucratic obstacles arise: the final result is that many times in fact the elderly citizen, or in difficulty, is not provided. a service that must be guaranteed “This is the appeal of the President of the Regional Council of Venetoi who asks local administrations for the utmost attention on the subject:” I met many people who pointed out to me the difficulties in going to the polling stations: I remember that anyone who wants to exercise their right to vote and is unable to do so due to a disability, even a temporary one, can make use of several possibilities: to vote at home, to vote at their polling station with assistance or to be assigned to an assisted polling station. Municipalities must guarantee the maximum dissemination of information relating to services that can be guaranteed regardless of the deadlines, often unknown by citizens, provided for by the regulations in force: many municipalities can organize themselves to facilitate and guarantee everyone’s right to vote. As I said, to vote a right, and it is our duty to guarantee the exercise of this right ”.

The editorial responsibility and the contents referred to in this press release are the responsibility of the VENETO REGIONAL COUNCIL

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