Macchia DiVino, the wine and flavors exhibition market is back in Macchia d’Isernia

Macchia DiVino, the wine and flavors exhibition market is back in Macchia d’Isernia
Macchia DiVino, the wine and flavors exhibition market is back in Macchia d’Isernia
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This year’s edition will take place over the weekend from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 with the food and wine tour inside the medieval village as the main event

For 49 years now, summer in the medieval village of Macchia d’Isernia has ended with the famous Wine Festival. A tradition that belongs to Macchia, which tells of a country’s desire to exalt and identify itself in an event linked to wine, to the work of the land, renewing its traditions to always keep up with the times.

This edition will take place over the weekend from Friday 16 September to Sunday 18 September, having as its main event the food and wine itinerary within the medieval village of Macchia d’Isernia.

The great novelty of this edition is the presence inside the medieval village of the exhibition dedicated to the film posters of Paolo Sestito and Pier Paolo Scalera that will accompany visitors during the food and wine tour.

An important result achieved by the Macchia d’Isernia Administration, in collaboration with the Pro Loco Maccla, is the authorization obtained by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the organization of the “Macchia d’Isernia Premio Ercole Wine Competition”. First wine competition of the Molise Region established pursuant to DM 9.11.2017, reserved for Molise wineries and dedicated to all regional DOCs. At the base of the important recognition, a considerable planning work started in 2019 with the signing of the memoranda of understanding by the Province of Isernia and the Molise Chamber of Commerce, who believed in this project.

The aim of the competition is to enhance typical products by bringing them to the attention of consumers and sector operators. An award for the commitment and dedication of all Molise companies and an incentive to continue the path of qualitative growth, a fundamental path to be able to affirm the Molise brand in Italy and in the world.

“The authorization for the Ercole Award Wine Competition – explain the administrators – represents a starting point. Fundamental element of a renewed vision of the Wine and Flavors Exhibition increasingly projected towards the future ”.

The program of the 49th Macchia DiVino is full of events.

The first day, September 16, will open with the presentation of a very special wine that its producer, Fabio Cicchini, wanted to dedicate to his brother Nello and his land, Macchia d’Isernia. The event will begin at 6 pm in Piazza Baglio. Following, within the historic walls of the Baronial Palace will take place “Classica al borgo”, a classical music concert for piano and voice by Maestro Alberto Veronesi who will perform music by Mozart, Puccini, Chopin, Liszt and Verdi accompanied by Soprano Goar Faradzhian and tenor Shoel Ushiroda.

On September 17, in the afternoon the allegorical floats will parade accompanied by the folkloristic group of Carpinone, followed by a conference entitled “Wine Landscape between history and current events” with speakers Giuliano Lemme, Antonella Anselmo and the councilor for the Municipality of Riccia dott Antonio Santoriello, at the end of which the twinning between the pro loco of Riccia and that of Macchia d’Isernia will be sealed.

Il Tratturo by Mauro Gioielli will perform in a concert at 7 pm in the fantastic setting of the Baronial Palace.

At 8 pm it is time to open the food and wine tour inside the squares of the medieval village.

We will walk through the alleys of the village guided by the scents of the dishes prepared by the Provincial Chefs Association of Isernia, to be tasted while sipping the wines of the Molise cellars paired by the Italian Sommelier Molise Association. We will end this splendid gastronomic journey pampered by delicious homemade white and red wine biscuits by the skilled hands of the Ladies of Macchia and combined with the liqueurs of Passarè Antico Molise.

The menu includes dishes that enhance the local specialties:


Cod salad on vegetable caponata, Venafrano tarallo crumble, pepper bubble and parsley oil. Wine pairing: ROSATO Petriera Cantina Catabbo


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Braised ravioli, vin pentro with raisins and podolico with room with burnt tomatoes

Wine pairing: RED Ricupo Cantina Angelo D’Uva

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Capocollo of pork from Molise with Matese aromas with white Isernia onion and tintilia grapes. Wine pairing: RED AE Cantina Valerio


Homemade biscuits with white wine and red wine from the Ladies of Macchia. Pairing: Genziana or Ratafià Azienda Passarè

There is a special menu for children and a glute free version for celiacs thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Celiac Molise Association.

It is possible to book the tasting menu with payment online or at the dedicated cash desk on the day of the event in order to access the route more quickly ( divine-food-and-wine-itinerary-418974372627)

The evening will end in the square with a concert by the band Nico Varanese & the wild hogs and there will be a wine stand with the labels of the wines tasted along the way, the tintilie that in past years have won the Ercole award (Tenimenti Grieco, Tenute Martarosa and Cianfagna) and other wines administered by the Italian Sommeliers Molise Association.

September 18 is dedicated to the “Sunday Lunch”, all together, in the square, like a big family that has fun and relaxes from the labors of the week, taking up the dishes that accompanied the farmers during the harvest period, prepared by a staff of cooks macchiaroli.

The allegorical floats will be awarded and there will be musical accompaniment throughout the lunch.

In the afternoon at 3.30 pm Antonello Siravo’s friends organized a football match dedicated to his memory.

The entire event will end in Piazza baglio with Poems, proverbs and skits in dialect dedicated to wine by Domenico Meo and Stefania Appugliese.

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