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up to 2,450 euros per employee –

up to 2,450 euros per employee –
up to 2,450 euros per employee –
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Up to a maximum of 2,450 euros gross: the maxi-result bonus that will go to Ferrero employees, based on the objectives achieved by the company. The agreement was signed by the unions with the corporate management of the confectionery company founded in Alba, Piedmont, in 1946 for the year 2021-22, after the parent company achieved a record turnover in the year ended August 31, 2021. The incentive will be determined by the performance of two parameters: the economic result, which is unique for the entire company and will affect 30 percent; and the operating result, linked to the performance of each plant, which will affect the remaining 70 percent. Furthermore, from the current financial year, employees will be able to choose whether to convert part of the bonus (300, 500 or 700 euros) into services for people, in the form of welfare.

To announce it in a joint note are Ferrero, Fai – Cisl, Flai – Cgil and Uila -Uil after the company management met with the trade unions. The meeting was attended, in videoconference mode, by the delegates of the Ferrero trade union coordination of the Rsu and the trade union representatives of the trade network as well as the territorial secretariats of all the offices concerned in the national territory.

The meeting made it possible to analyze market trends and company production prospects, investment programs for Italian factories and business units, employment trends as well as the initiatives implemented in the Health and Safety area. The prizes are different in the various locations and precisely: Alba 2,383.93 euros gross; gross areas and deposits 2,289.61; Balvano 2,403.94 gross; Pozzuolo 2,421.09 gross; S.Angelo 2,401.08 gross; staff € 2,382.08 gross. The amount will be disbursed with the payments for the month of October 2022.

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