Emilia-Romagna, school begins: between backpacks, cases and books, you get to 588 euros per pupil

Emilia-Romagna, school begins: between backpacks, cases and books, you get to 588 euros per pupil
Emilia-Romagna, school begins: between backpacks, cases and books, you get to 588 euros per pupil
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a theme that recurs on the eve of each school year. But in September 2022, between dear energy, dear materials and inflation, preparing the briefcase to return to the counters touches the wallets even more than in the past. It will not be a light school year reopening for families, who risk spending up to 7% more than in 2021. Or at least this is the increase estimated by Codacons, according to which the necessary equipment for pupils to start with the school can cost up to 588 euros per pupil.

Looking for online discounts

On September 15th the first bell rings for the students of Emilia Romagna. A return to the benches in presence that is accompanied by the hope of a totally return to presence, after two years of pandemic from Covid-19. Together with the rituals marked by the bell, we go back to preparing the satchel. Backpacks to fill with notebooks, pens, markers, pencils, crayons, stationery items, pencil cases, diaries and textbooks. The difference, on the final bill of each family, is the choice of non-branded products or the consultation of offers. Discounts made not only by large retailers, but also, more and more often, by online platforms. Whether they are dedicated to schools – sites of shops such as Libraccio, Ibs, Buffetti – and giants like Amazon, which have also stocked up on school kits. By avoiding impulse purchases, according to Codacons, you can save up to 40%.

Backpacks, cases and pens

For an Eastpack, Seven or Invicta backpack you can start from 50 euros for the most basic ones you can get to spend up to 90 euros. Same range of prices for those who choose backpacks with cartoon images on them. A cartoon or team case starts at 20 and goes up to 35 euros. As in the case of cartons already organized on several floors. It must be said that they usually have everything they need to write, color and erase. The cheapest choices are the sachets, whose prices range from 10 to 20 euros. As for diaries, with the price of paper almost doubled due to inflation, you spend between 15 and 30 euros. It depends on the brands you choose. Classics such as Comix and Smemoranda are priced at 16 euros, while more designer diaries, such as Chiara Ferragni’s produced by Pigna, reach 24 euros.

Used books and in installments

However, it is textbooks that pick up the bill more quickly. The average expenditure in the starting school year is around 290 euros for first-rate pupils, 110 for second-year students, 130 for third-year students. Prices go up in high schools, where the budget to have varies from 320 euros for the first year of classical high school, which also become 370 euros in the third year and 310 for the scientific and technical institutes. Excluding dictionaries, which for certain addresses are essential for carrying out certain subjects. The average expenditure is around 350 euros. From this year, for the purchase of books it is possible to pay them in installments on e-commerce sites, without interest, using the so-called “Buy now pay later”, which can be activated for minimum purchases of 39 euros. The first installment will be paid immediately, the other two within 30 days of each other. But for years now, families have been focusing on second-hand, and rushing to second-hand school texts. A choice that can save up to 50%. They are bought by word of mouth, through e-commerce sites or authorized dealers for the sale of used items.

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