Former navigator still without certainty, unions appeal to the Region, “Hire them for the goal plan” – BlogSicilia

Former navigator still without certainty, unions appeal to the Region, “Hire them for the goal plan” – BlogSicilia
Former navigator still without certainty, unions appeal to the Region, “Hire them for the goal plan” – BlogSicilia
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CGIL, CISL and UIL return to ask the Region that the former navigators, those who had to find their citizenship income earners, be used in the context of the Gol regional implementation plan, a program of active labor policies within the Pnrr which allocates 900 million to Sicily.

What the trade unions ask for

In particular, NIDIL CGIL Sicily, FELSA CISL Sicily and UILTEMP Sicily, in a note ask the regional councilor of the Family, Scavone, that the Sicilian Region immediately present to Anpal Servizi and to the Minister of Labor the request for the use of these professionals , whose collaboration contract with Anpal is due to expire next month. The request is to ensure that it is possible to “take advantage of the technical assistance of these workers, already trained for the implementation of the GOL Program, at least until next December 31st, the natural expiry of the Agreement in place with Anpal Servizi spa”.

Avoid losing the funds of the NRP

The request of the trade unions comes in order “to avoid running the risk of losing the PNRR resources allocated for the objective and to reach by the end of the year a renewed structure of technical assistance for the management of active labor policies programs and social inclusion by the Ministry of Labor “.

Still no hiring procedure

As underlined by the three acronyms, to date no start has been given to the procedures for hiring the new professional figures provided for by the Extraordinary Plan for the strengthening of employment centers and active employment policies for the Sicilian Region which has been hesitated. favorably in August 2021. Added to this are the acronyms, the shortage of staff and the criticalities within the employment centers. Also in recent days, the National Navigator Association has expressed strong concerns about “a plan that is seriously delayed, ignoring the state of the Employment Centers in Sicily”

“The employment centers are understaffed”

“To date – say the representatives of the Association in Sicily – little or nothing has been done because the employment centers are struggling under staff, while about 300 Anpal Servizi collaborators who could make an important contribution (former navigator, contract expiring on next October 31) are excluded from the program, despite the fact that the audience of the Citizenship Income constitutes about 50% of the beneficiaries of the Gol in Sicily. An inexplicable and shortsighted choice “.


Three serious problems

In particular, the former Sicilian navigators had returned to report with concern three serious problems: the insufficient number of qualified human resources to manage and implement the Gol program; the competitions announced last December are seriously overdue and, once concluded, there will still be a shortage of 300 profile D specialists (graduates) due to errors in the formulation of the announcement. The new operators will be operational in the employment centers only in 2023, with negative consequences on the achievement of the objectives set by the EU already for 2022 and the risk of loss of financial resources (100 million euros).

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