Lazio, Romero at the double crossroads: Europe and contract

Lazio, Romero at the double crossroads: Europe and contract
Lazio, Romero at the double crossroads: Europe and contract
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ROMEExalted, forgotten. Europe and contract, Luka Romero is at a first crossroads in this season. Sarri has never used it, he is the only one of the forwards to be left on the bench. Felipe, Pedro and Zaccagni share the two places. The arrival of Cancellieri, chosen as deputy Ciro, used as an outsider, overshadowed him. The Argentine may have a chance tomorrow. The conditions of Pedrito and Zac force Sarri to study an alternative to Felipe and Cancellieri, ready to escort Ciro in the trident. Romero believes in it, never like this time. He is expected in front of a double crossroads: he will weigh Mau’s decisions and will continue to evaluate with his family and his agent the opportunity to join Lazio for five years or less. It is always due in June, it will turn 18 on November 18th. He can also sign immediately, but the new contract should be deposited only when he reaches the age of majority. It is not clear if the negotiation has started, in this case at what point it is. The risk of losing Romero exists, especially if the gates of the camp remain closed. It’s a spark, his talent. He is 17 years old, he is still a kid, it is not known what he will be able to do, where he will be able to arrive, but he thinks in perspective and so do his representatives. He can move on a free transfer again, he would have already received a couple of offers. He chose Lazio a year ago, he was able to sign for only two seasons with the promise of signing a longer contract as soon as his age and the regulations would allow it. Sarri last year used it 8 times in the championship, always in racing. Even once in the Italian Cup. On retreat, in Auronzo, he cradled Lazio dreams: “I always try to train well, this is my goal. I like the enthusiasm of the people very much, I am happy with what is happening. I thank the fans and Lazio who are helping me to grow. The first year was positive, I am happy with the opportunities I had. This year I want to play more and show that I deserve the space I had“. Were his intentions have not yet come true. Romero, beyond her age, paws to play, to carve out some space among the grown-ups. Lazio awarded him a salary of 400,000 euros per season, providing him with a big scenario in the space of a few seasons.

Romero, the national team

In March he was summoned by the city Scaloni in Argentina, having several passports (due to family origins), he was courted by many sides. He chose Messi’s national team, he is his idol: “Training with Messi was a dream, thank God for succeeding. I thank Argentina for letting me experience it. I hope to participate in the 2026 World Cup, but now I only think of Lazio. Sarri is helping me very well, I feel that I am growing day by day listening to the coach and learning from the greatest. I feel very good, I want to grow day by day. I am very shy, but with the group I feel very comfortable and this shows on the pitch“. It was enthusiastic, bubbly in the summer. He did not expect the benches this year, at least he imagined he would have a few more opportunities in the running. Some decisions would have displaced him, this is said. In the first games, observing the field from a distance, he looked at himself bewildered.

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