because everything changes – Libero Quotidiano

because everything changes – Libero Quotidiano
because everything changes – Libero Quotidiano
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Giorgia Meloni he chooses the path of Atlanticism. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, who according to the polls could soon become prime minister, is already working on the matter. The sherpas of Fratelli d’Italia would be preparing the premises for a meeting with the American president Joe Biden. Date and place would already exist: Meloni and Biden could meet according to a background de The print November 15-16 in Bali on the occasion of the G20. At the request of a meeting, the White House would have sent the – informal – emissaries of the leader of the Brothers of Italy a clear message: Italy remains a strategic ally, beyond the political color and the families they belong to.

This is demonstrated by the US press, with the Washington Post who dedicated a long interview to Meloni. Here the leader of FdI clarified her positions on Atlanticism, the vision of Europe and conservative values. At the same time, however, the climb of the Meloni will be uphill: in various diplomatic circles they are remembered some doubts on which the judgment is currently suspended. First of all, the ability to resist certain pressures and the position on migrants. Then relations with Europe and internal relations in the center-right coalition.

Meanwhile, the leader of FdI has sent to the USA Adolfo Urso. The senator of FdI and president of Copasir has had meetings in Congress and with members of the Administration who hope for continuity with the Draghi government. Continuity that Urso demonstrated, admitting that he had spoken with Minister Guerini and with Draghi, “which he too did before leaving for Washington”.

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