arrested a 78-year-old man

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Murder in a company in the province of Cremona: the 61-year-old owner killed, another person injured. The alleged killer stopped

Posted on: 09-14-2022 12:08 – Last update: 09-14-2022 13:07


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Murder a Casale Cremasco Vidolasco, small town in the province of Cremona. A man of 61 years old was killed in the Class A Energy company with pistol shots. Another, 37, is injured. The alleged murderer, a 78 years old, he was stopped by the carabinieri.

The dynamics

On the morning of Wednesday, September 14, a man would have entered the company Class A Energy of Casale Cremasco Vidolasco, in the province of Cremona, with a gun.

He would then have fired towards the holder, a 61-year-old man, killing him. Another, of 37, would remain wound.

Photo Source: Virgilio Notizie

Casale Cremasco Vidolasco, where the shooting took place

The alleged murderer is arrested

The alleged murderer was arrested by the carabinieri: according to Cremona Today, the attacker would be in barracks.

It would be a man of 78 years, he would use a shotgun.

There are still soldiers on site: it is not possible to approach the crime scene because via Cascina Calderara, the road leading to the company, it was closed by both directions of travel.

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The motive

The magistrate on duty is expected, to be clarified motive.

This could have been triggered by a dispute within the company, which markets building materials.

It is not excluded that the showdown may have been premeditated, since the killer would have brought the home weapon.


Photo Source: 123RF

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