“You play too much, it’s a question of survival”

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HERNING – “Midtjylland are a good team. This season they have had an early league stage in a minor tone, but have been touring in Europe for years. Last year they drew in Bergamo against Atalanta, not an easy result. The Danes are out of the Champions League with Benfica in the playoffs. They have insidious attackers, the central one very physical, quick wings. A team that if it remains inside the game manages to have an important quarter of an hour putting everyone in difficulty. Humility is a must, as is personality ”. Maurizio Sarri thus presented the Europa League match against the Danes which is worth the second day of the cup.

The turnover issue

“I changed more in the league after the cup than in the cup itself. It is clear that a bit of alternation must be done because we have matches every two days in front of us. I will hear that the teams will have time to work, but also in the national team they will play in an impressive way. It is not turnover, but a spirit of survival. The ailment of one, that of another, it all comes out naturally. It is useless to plan, you travel on sight. Who is tired goes outside, who is comfortable inside. Without too many problems, we throw in players who give us guarantees and stops. Of the current Danish formation there is Sisto, the others are new. The stadium is small, but full in Europe. The sounding board is like that of the greatest ”.

The love of the fans

“Provedel did well, the physical expenditure is less. It seems to me too much to change after doing it in defense. The time will come for the other goalkeepers too, the choice at the moment was made about not changing 80% of the defense. He continues that he has less physical effort. We have never won 4 games in a row, let’s see. Cancellieri is doing quite well, we had a little doubt after Sunday for a flexor. It was nothing, he is training regularly. The boy is finding space, he has entered every game. He is finding more space than when he was at Verona. S.I’m happy. Of course, he is on a double path. Which maybe slows him down in the two roles, instead of going for one more possible choice. Let’s see if he will play starter or enter. Mental maturity is measured over the long term. I have positive feelings for what I see in training, more focused than last year. The answer will come to us over time. Lazio versus Napoli here in 2015? Today there are different characteristics. Napoli was a team more than setters, this one goes more vertically and plays with counter-starts. Let’s see, I hope Lazio have a lot of room for growth. I hope he can become as strong as Napoli with some trophies to win. The owner in the door? Today he is Provedel because he is playing. Training? I don’t say anything, I haven’t even told the players. Pedro has done the training, he is in a phase of revolution. Zaccagni stays at home because he needs therapy, Basic does not need therapy. But if tomorrow is like today, I don’t think he can do it. The typhus? It does not give us great responsibilities, we know very well that we are not ready for the maximum goals, even our people know it. This love that they make to feel is beautiful, it makes us feel like a group and a greater sense of belonging “.

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Lazio, speaks Vecino

“Continuity is a recurring theme in the locker room, even looking at the past years. There are more players, we are only at the beginning. The loads of the matches will be heard later and most of the players in the squad are used to playing every 3 days . The World Cup? I don’t have it in my head yet, there are more than two months to go. Too far away, I’m focused on Lazio. I have been here for a short time, I see a lot of enthusiasm, there is a beautiful environment to breathe especially at home. Nice to know that there are so many fans tomorrow and Sunday. The turnover? It depends, the technician makes the choices. I need to spend minutes to feel at my best, but obviously I can’t play all games at the same level. The target? The championship is fundamental. The Italian teams have different characteristics from Europe, we take advantage of the much space of the European teams. There are many strong formations, but the championship must remain our priority. Easy to fit in here, thanks to the comrades I did not know except Hysaj, known in Empoli. Having worked with Sarri helped me, I also knew some of his staff ”.

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