The alternation will continue. Midtjylland team that knows Europe well

The alternation will continue. Midtjylland team that knows Europe well
The alternation will continue. Midtjylland team that knows Europe well
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In view of tomorrow’s match against Mitdjyllandthe Lazio in the late afternoon today he reached the MHC Arena in Herning, theater of the challenge. The appointment will be at 18:45 e Sarri at the press conference he kept everyone to attention: “They know Europe well since they have been there for so many years”. Here’s how the coach expressed himself in view of the second day of group F of Europa League.

On the Europa League and Midtjylland …

«They did an initial phase of the championship in a lower tone than usual, but they have been in Europe for years. Last season they drew in Bergamo against Atalanta, which is never as easy as we know in Italy. They lost the Champions League playoff with Benfica. It is a team used to competitions of this type. They have insidious attackers because in addition to the central striker, the two outside players are very fast. When they stay in the game they have great pace and therefore humility will be a must as well as the personality to lead the game ».

On turnover …

«It seems to me that he has changed more in the league after the cup than on the contrary. Clear that a bit of alternation must be done because here we face two months in which the boys will play every two days. I heard from someone that the teams will now have time to work, but they will all go to the national team. It is not even turnover, this is a spirit of survival because ailments come naturally, it is useless to plan, you have to travel on sight: those who are tired are outside and those who are ill go inside without thinking too much about us of the staff. The alternation therefore may well continue ».

What type do you expect?

«Of the current formation compared to when I was here with Napoli there is only Sisto, the others are all new players. Small stadium? They in Europe fill it up and the sounding board is like the bigger ones. There is talk of a football stadium ».

Too early to say that Lazio has overcome the problem of continuity? And on the goalkeeper …

«Apart from the performances it seems a lot to me. Provedel did well and taking over a line that is doing well seems too much to me. Everyone’s time will come, in the last three games they have played 18 or 19 players. Until now, the choice was due not to change 80% of the back ward and we tried to keep Provedel who was at less risk of physical exertion. Continuity? For now it is four days ».

On a mental level, do you see the team grown? And on Cancellieri …

“Cancellieri is doing well enough. We had a little doubt of a resentment to the flexor after Verona, but it was nothing. He is training regularly and is finding space in all matches. He is finding much more space than in Verona. I am happy and it is clear that with him we are making a double path. This could be a problem because it could slow him down, but now we need him in the double role, let’s see tomorrow if he will start from 1 ‘or take over. Maturity? I have good feelings because in training I see more stable levels of application than last year but it is useless to start now because we are one month of activity and the answer will come over time ».

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How will Lazio be tomorrow compared to their Napoli in 2015?

«This is a team with different characteristics compared to Napoli. That was a team of setters, this tends to go more vertically on the restart towards the opponent’s goal. We see. I hope that this team has a lot of room for growth and that it can become as strong as Napoli with some trophies to win ».

Still on the goalkeeper and the possible owners …

«Right now the owner is Provedel. I can’t say who will definitely play. If I didn’t tell the team it would be cowardly to tell you ».

How are the injured?

«Pedro seems to be in the process of being resolved this morning, Zaccagni stayed at home because he needs therapy. Basic is with us because he does not need therapy, but if tomorrow the situation is like this morning it will not be the match ».

Did you feel the responsibility to do well given the great push of the fans?

“We do not feel great responsibility because we know we are not yet ready to reach the ceilings as our fans know, but this love that they make us feel is certainly beautiful, it makes us feel more like a group and with a sense of belonging”.

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