Swine fever: 60 wild animals killed in Urzulei – Sardinia

Swine fever: 60 wild animals killed in Urzulei – Sardinia
Swine fever: 60 wild animals killed in Urzulei – Sardinia
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The project unit for eradication continues unabated

The activity of the project unit for the eradication of African swine fever continues unabated. In Urzulei, during the usual operations of research and depopulation of illegal wild pigs, the teams made up of personnel from the Forestry Corps, Forestas, Asl and the Zooprophylactic Institute, in collaboration with the Nuoro police headquarters, were captured and killed 60 non registered in the livestock registry and for which it was not possible to trace the owner.

The animals, without traceability and health checks, were destined for the illegal market for hams and charcuterie products, and could have posed a high risk to the food safety of consumers. Furthermore, these are pigs that lived in marginal contexts in really critical conditions, undernourished and suffering also from the scarcity of water without any respect for animal welfare, some subjected to bloody interventions such as castration and with probable uncontrolled use of drugs.

“The acceleration achieved in recent years in the activities to combat swine fever – comments the president of the Region, Christian Solinas – is there for all to see and has received full recognition from the European institutions. The coordination of the project unit , and the work of all the operators involved daily in the field, has been and is decisive and allows us to look to the future with optimism after so many sacrifices. We have been able to modernize the eradication campaign by making all those corrections that were necessary to to arrive at defining a certain path towards the end of the embargo on pork, a result never achieved before. Sardinia has become a virtuous example for other regions that today have to deal with the spread of the virus “.



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