“Give back to the state the competence on health matters. Molise has money but spends it badly”

“Give back to the state the competence on health matters. Molise has money but spends it badly”
“Give back to the state the competence on health matters. Molise has money but spends it badly”
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The 5 Star Movement has been working for years on public health and quality, despite the mystifications.
In these hours we hear the center-right and center-left talking about health as if they had not governed the region in the last 20 years.

They speak of debt cancellation but forget that the Molise Region in health care closes its balance sheet every year with a deficit of between 20 and 40 million euros. And everyone forgets that Molise is the second largest region in Italy for economic resources received from the state in proportion to the number of inhabitants. All of which means that the money is there but it is badly spent and you have to start from here, from acareful management of resources to revive the regional health system.

But while the center-right and center-left seem to wake up today, the 5 Star Movement has been working on solutions for years at every institutional level. And today he has very clear priorities: strengthen the 118 service given that too many offices are without a doctor and make the emergency-urgency network entirely public; avoid improper hospitalizations in order to decongest emergency rooms and hospitals; strengthen the territorial network and home assistance by taking advantage of the PNRR funds obtained by Giuseppe Conte, not by others, to give respite to staff who have been suffering for years. Furthermore, it is necessary to restore centrality and unity to the national health system, thus overcoming the fragmentation of regional health services giving back to the State, on an exclusive basis, the competence in matters of health protection.

And then we repeat it: it serves rebalance the public-private relationship. The 5 Star Movement continues to believe that politics should be disconnected from health care, especially in Molise where the president-commissioner is sponsored by the owner of the largest private clinic, but this does not mean being against the excellence of the private sector. We are convinced that this must join the public, do not replace it, and to do this, the regional public health system must be able to provide quality services, especially the essential ones, the life-saving ones.

These are themes that the Movement has also brought to Parliament for some time.
In 2021 we presented an amendment to support Agenas staff with the commissioner structure and above all to release 40 million euros, 25 of old bonuses and 15 million of solidarity contributions: an operation boycotted by President Toma and the center-right.

We have worked on the problem of accredited individuals. In the financial law of 2021, Antonio Federico, not others, presented the proposal to have the state advance the resources with which to pay the extra budget for patients outside the region, in order to guarantee greater economic resources to Molise. The Government accepted the proposal but the Conference of Regions with a center-right majority and where Donato Toma sits did not.
The same Toma also present at the State-Regions Conference where the rules of engagement are decided, such as the Balduzzi decree which must certainly be revised but involving the territories. For this reason, the Movement, again through our parliamentarian, brought the Conference of Molise Mayors to confrontation with the Ministry of Health to address the difficulties of the internal areas and resolve the difficulties of the hospital network.

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Furthermore, during the most acute phase of the pandemic, ministerial inspectors arrived in hospitals thanks to the intervention of the Movementthrough the question of our parliamentarian, the complaints of the regional councilors, the reports of the mayor of Campobasso, Roberto Gravina.

They are done. And it is a fact that in Molise the shortage of health personnel is still today unresolved; it is a fact that our region is the only one in Italy without a covid center dedicated; it is a fact that in the Cardarelli hospital even today there are intensive care modules inaugurated by the center-right and never used.

The important thing is not to forget. We must not forget the responsibilities of those who have brought health to its knees but not even those who have contributed to the good of the system. The spokespersons of the Movement have done so in a thousand ways, including by cutting part of their allowances to donate respirators and an ambulance for the neonatal emergency to the entire Molise community.
This also means being on the right side.

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