Delegation of the Israeli government visiting Norcia – Umbria

Delegation of the Israeli government visiting Norcia – Umbria
Delegation of the Israeli government visiting Norcia – Umbria
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“Working together is essential to face disasters”

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 14 SEPT – An Israeli government delegation composed, among others, of the deputy defense minister Mk Alon Schuster and the head of the national emergency authority (Nema), Yoram Laredo, visited the city of Norcia .

The authorities were accompanied by the Director for Economic Affairs of the Israeli Embassy in Rome, Raphael Singer, and by the Director General of the National Civil Protection Department Luigi D’Angelo and welcomed in the city by the Mayor and the Vice Prefect of the Province of Perugia. Present, among others, also delegates of the structure of the extraordinary earthquake commissioner. The purpose of the visit was an in-depth analysis of the post-emergency Civil Protection interventions, in particular connected to the earthquake risk, in order to intensify the collaborations between Israel and Italy, countries united also for the frequent seismic risk.

Schuster – according to what the Municipality reports – said he was particularly struck by the damage inflicted by the earthquake, in particular to the cultural heritage but “particularly impressed by the passion with which all the institutions and in particular the mayor are doing their utmost to reconstruct and, at the same time, bring forward daily life with determination “underlining the importance of” working together to achieve these results and therefore the comparison and collaboration between our countries to face natural disasters such as an earthquake “.

“Working together is essential to face calamities, as well as rebuilding houses, cultural heritage and at the same time trust in people to continue living and investing in the territory”, said Mayor Alemanno.

During his visit to the Deputy Minister, the first post-earthquake assistance interventions implemented by the National Civil Protection were illustrated.

Subsequently, the delegation visited the construction site for the reconstruction of the municipal building, the Basilica of San Benedetto and the Sae area of ​​Viale Montedoro where the representative of the Israeli government also had the opportunity to visit a ‘little house’, a guest of a family. (HANDLE).

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