Turin: 100 people, 27 vehicles and 26 subsidiary businesses

Turin: 100 people, 27 vehicles and 26 subsidiary businesses
Turin: 100 people, 27 vehicles and 26 subsidiary businesses
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Over the past weekend, in the respective areas of competence, territorial control services were carried out by the staff of the State Police of the Dora Vanchiglia and Centro Commissariats of PS; personnel from the PAS Division of the Police Headquarters also contributed to the activity.

Over 100 people identified, 27 vehicles and 26 controlled activities.

In one of the rooms subjected to control, the staff of the Administrative and Social Police Division found and contested the failure to comply with some important provisions for the protection of public safety.

During the afternoon, staff of the Dora Vanchiglia Commissioner, together with the agents of the Piedmont Crime Prevention Department, identified thirty-four people, of which eleven with police records, checked seventeen vehicles and raised four traffic offenses.

The activity then continued in the areas affected by the phenomenon of the so-called “movida” by the staff of the Commissariat Center.

In Piazza Vittorio Veneto 67 people were checked and two commercial establishments were sanctioned for disturbing public tranquility; in Piazza Santa Giulia, out of eleven controlled premises, two complaints were raised for disturbing public tranquility. In the San Salvario area on twelve administrative checks, an administrative penalty was raised for disturbing public tranquility and forty-two people were identified.

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Controls in the areas subject to reporting by the citizens will continue on a regular basis in the coming weeks.

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