Von der Leyen, Sicily pioneer for solar – Sicily

Von der Leyen, Sicily pioneer for solar – Sicily
Von der Leyen, Sicily pioneer for solar – Sicily
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ANSA editorial staff

September 14, 202217:55

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 14 SEPT – Sicily joins the European elite for the energy transition. And it does so thanks to the Enel Green Power project which in Catania is investing in the 3Sun factory which will become the largest production site for innovative, sustainable and high-performance photovoltaic modules. Its strategic importance was highlighted by the president of the EU Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, in her speech on the State of the Union. The “necessary” green transformation of energy in Europe “has begun,” she said. And “it is happening in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea, where our Member States have decided to invest heavily in offshore wind production – he added – It is happening in Sicily, where Europe’s largest solar factory will soon produce the new generation. of panels. And it’s happening in northern Germany, where local trains now run on green hydrogen. ” The reference dedicated to Sicily refers to the photovoltaic system built in 2010 in Catania. In April, Enel Green Power and the European Commission signed a non-repayable subsidized loan agreement that will contribute to the development of Tango (Italian pv Giga factory). Thus 3Sun “is preparing to become the largest European factory for the production of high-performance double-sided photovoltaic modules”, creating about a thousand direct and indirect jobs by 2024. The total investment for the expansion of the factory amounts to about 600 million euros, of which the EGP’s commitment will be joined by EU funding for almost 118 million euros coming from Europe through grants from Pnrr and the Innovation Fund. The project will result in a 15-fold increase in production capacity, up to 3 GW per year from the current 200 MW.

“The panels produced annually will allow a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to 2.5 million tons for each year of operation, with a saving of 1.2 million cubic meters of gas”, explains Eliano Russo, CEO of Gigafactory.

“The first 400 MW will be operational in 12 months, in September 2023, while the remaining 2.6 GW will start in July 2024 – he adds – The site is already open and, despite the cost and supply difficulties, we are on time and in the budget “. 3Sun relies on a new state-of-the-art technology: the heterojunction, “more efficient and more stable. The panel has a longer life, is more circular and more sustainable”. In practice, more and more sustainable production is produced. The goal, continues Russo, is to progressively but definitively emancipate himself from China: “In the medium term, starting from 2025, the supply chain will be completely European. sustainability and on the disposal and waste of materials “. (HANDLE).



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