the conference will focus on crusader injuries

the conference will focus on crusader injuries
the conference will focus on crusader injuries
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Football and medicine. Professor Fabio Rodia, Coordinator of the biancoceleste medical staff and Director of the orthopedic rehabilitation department of the CTO – Orthopedic Traumatological Center of Rome, spoke to the microphones of Lazio Style Channel, 233 of Sky, to present the Congress “Focus on football medicine” which was it will take place on Tuesday 20 September starting at 10:00 at the Press Room of the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

“I have the honor of presiding over this conference, in which the honorary President is obviously the President Claudio Lotito. The need is to investigate a theme very present in the world of sport such as the injury of the anterior cruciate ligament both in the professional athlete and in amateur sportsmen. A point will be made on the most modern technologies in terms of prevention, surgical treatment and sports recovery in professionals and social recovery in amateurs / amateurs. This is the first time that a Serie A club has organized a conference of this level, the speakers are the greatest exponents on the subject and will come from all over Italy and the rest of Europe.

The purpose is to deepen the high-level techniques that are faced daily in order to compare ourselves with other realities of the world of football and the scientific world to take stock of the moment and then arrive at an evolution for the next days, months, years. The goal is to deepen all these issues: everyone will offer their contribution. The debate and considerations will certainly lead to growth for all over the next few years.

The functional demands are different between footballer and amateur. The footballer works with the knee, at the same time the citizen cannot remain bound by the impossibility of carrying out sports activities such as soccer or skiing. By avoiding the intervention in a short time, over the years you can reach a stage of arthrosis already at 40-50 years, then requiring an even more invasive surgery.

It is the first major conference of the post-Covid era. Experts will focus on prevention and surgical treatment. There will also be the intervention of the athletic trainers and the staff responsible for the reconditioning of injured athletes. Prevention is more important than cure: traumatic knee injuries make the player unusable for months, if not for an entire season.

In footballers and ordinary people, there are injuries that then lead to cartilage problems and associated injuries in the meniscus, which occur over the years. The greatest exponents in the world of sport and orthopedics will be present. We are honored, it is also a recognition of the work of the President and of the Lazio Lab: it is now a medical center of the highest technological level.


The objective is in fact also to present the Lazio Lab, present within the Training Center, to the greatest scientific exponents. The President is investing, the center is constantly evolving, the investments have been focused on the development of high-tech tools and a structure of adequate thickness has been made available, not only for the First Team, but also for all the other teams , such as Primavera, Youth Sector and Lazio Women. This is my eighth year at this medical center – exponential growth has occurred. We managed to change the strategy and today the Lazio Lab represents a point of reference since the improvement of the medical structure also generates an improvement in the entire football sector of the club, managing to support the needs of the technical sector more efficiently.

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This must be an important point from which to start in order to continue along the path of structural growth of the Lazio Lab: the medical staff is made up of an excellent group from a human point of view, but above all from a professional point of view. The results are slowly being seen but we must never be satisfied: we must always go beyond the limit reached and never feel satisfied ”.

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