Arrivabene, the Juve coach and the joke on Allegri to the fan

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TURIN – In the pre-match of Juve-Benfica in Turin, after the customary lunch between the companies with protagonists Lambs and Arrivabene there was also room for a confrontation with a smile between the fans and the CEO of the Juventus club. The meeting, immortalized by various videos, is going viral on social networks due to a question and answer between the Juventus manager and a fan who asked him without frills to send away Merry. “Do you pay the other one who comes?”, the reply and laughter of Arrivabene, who dismissed the coach argument with a joke. Beyond the boutade on the economic discourse – an exemption from the very heavy impact on Juventus coffers – the company maintains the utmost confidence in Allegri’s work, but clearly expects that a salary of this value will correspond to comparable results. passage to the eighths of Champions League.

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Serie A, the ranking of salaries: Juve and Inter dominate

How much salary does Allegri earn at Juventus

In 2021, after a courtship that lasted months, Juventus has armored Max with a contract that guarantees him more than he earned in his first Juventus adventure: four years, then until 2025, with a salary of almost nine million euros: seven of fixed and the rest through bonuses linked to objectives.

Allegri: “Coach disqualifications? Better the fines

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Allegri: “Coach disqualifications? Better the fines “

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