Football, serial signings for the new Campobasso di Rizzetta. The press conference tomorrow

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The largely renovated Campobasso 1919 group found themselves for the first training session this morning on the synthetic of Campodipietra. Work under the orders of Pino di Meo, an old acquaintance in Molise but never on the rossoblu bench, and of his staff of which Cristian Cicioni returns to be part. To be honest, the latter had also played a first part of retreat for the Campobasso of the Lega Pro in Paduli, only to then have to change his game forcibly. The new member Rizzetta announces a press conference for tomorrow at the Circolo Sannitico, a place that has never been chosen in recent years for the meetings of football clubs with journalists. It will be an opportunity to present the coach, the ds and the new arrivals in the rossoblu to the square. The lawyer from Campobassano Maselli will be the delegate on the territory on behalf of Rizzetta who carefully follows the evolution of the situation from a distance. Yesterday intense day full of meetings for the new sports director De Filippis. The Venetian defender Nicola Vanzan returned to the rossoblu, among the protagonists of the promotion to Serie C in 2020/2021, the Campobassan midfielders Albino Fazio and Federico Di Lallo, respectively born in ’90 and ’92. To record the engagements of the Agnonese midfielder Lucio Di Lollo, born in 1993 and of the midfielder Daniele Di Bari, originally from Barletta, born in 2001, last year at Castrovillari in Serie D. Not only that: the company would be close to hiring an winger Dutch, Alvin Daniels, class of ’94 who, upon his arrival in Itala, played last year in the ranks of Como promoted by Lega Pro to Serie B. A Dutch defender, class of ’95, Kenneth Duah, who could be close to the ‘agreement. As can be easily deduced, the management is also thinking in perspective with the entry of profiles that could be useful even in a higher category. The goal of Rizzetta and the company is to offer an immediate rematch to a supporter who in the short space of a few months has gone from the Serie C fields to the halls of regional tournaments. Not only that: the American partner intends to give an international spotlight to the events of the new club by trying to attract fans and economic operators of Molise origins who have moved overseas. In this sense, an agreement has already been signed with a Montreal company founded by a Molise emigrant from Ururi.

The fans react by being at the window with respect to the new project that has roots in excellence, but the seriousness and goodness of a project could persuade many over the course of the season. The motto that has been making the rounds of social media in recent days tells of a wolf who is injured, but is not dead. Turning the page is far from easy, but circumstances beyond the control of everyone dictate just that. The company intended to release a letter in the morning in which it summarizes the contents of the past few days and says it is sorry for the starting category, but sometimes the more suffering there is, the more beautiful it will be. The last few weeks have been hectic. Rizzetta thanks all the people who have embraced the project and adds that it shouldn’t have been like this. “The important thing is that we are here. No one has ever given anything to this square, and this project will represent the true meaning of starting from the bottom, so as to return to the top. ” This is the summary of a letter that the American partner sent to the city. It starts, therefore, from a new club and from next Saturday when the Campobasso of Rizzetta and Rispoli will debut in Excellence on the field of Olimpia Agnonese at 15:00 in advance

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