Best traditional panettone in Veneto is from Villafranca: Gino Fabbri crowns Molinari

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A celebratory edition that of the ten years of Panettone Day in which Tuesday 13 September 2022 the master Gino Fabbri awarded the confectioner Federico Molinari of the Pasticceria Molinari of Villafranca di Verona as the best traditional panettone in Veneto.

Best traditional panettone in Veneto is from Villafranca

The competition, now recognized as one of the most authoritative in the panorama of excellent leavened products, was born from the creative drive of two leading companies in the world of artisan pastry: Braims – which belongs to the CSM Ingredients group, a multinational active in the research and production of innovative ingredients and sustainable – and Novacart – an Italian company that was the first to create cooking forms. The two companies, thanks to the collaboration of sponsors of the caliber of Barry-Callebaut, Vitalfood, 1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza and thanks to the technical partnership of FB and CAST Alimenti, are committed to discovering, rewarding and enhancing the best artisan panettone in Italy and pastry chefs who dedicate themselves to the art of leavened products.

The tenth edition of Panettone Day gave us great surprises and it was an honor for me to hold the role of President of the Jury for this special anniversary. ” comments Gino Fabbri. “Pastry competitions such as Panettone Day play a fundamental role for those who carry out a profession like ours, because they allow pastry chefs to continue to get involved and confront their colleagues, as well as the possibility of seizing new visibility and communication opportunities related to participation. It is then up to individual pastry chefs to make the best use of these tools to get out of their comfort zone and continue to evolve and innovate. “

As per tradition, the exclusive Sala Mengoni of the Cracco Restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan was the setting for the final event, during which the 33 leavened products selected for the final were tasted with professionalism and in total anonymity by the prestigious jury. led by Maestro Gino Fabbri and composed by the starred chef Carlo Cracco, Marco PedronHead Pastry Chef of the Cracco Restaurant and new emerging star of Italian Pastry, Maestro Vittorio Santoro, President and Director of Cast Alimenti and the winner of the 2021 edition of Panettone Day.

Great emotion and enthusiasm of the pastry chef Federico Molinari who was applauded by the jury and who, thanks to his talent, conquered the expert palates of the judges obtaining with his panettone the best score for all parameters, from cooking to the alveolation passing obviously for the taste. The path was long and demanding given that the contest, now recognized as one of the most authoritative in the world of pastry, managed to involve 146 professionals from all over Italy who decided to enthusiastically accept the Panettone Day challenge with 253 panettone, both with the aim of getting involved to challenge themselves and the other pastry chefs in the competition and at the same time seize the great communication opportunities offered by the competition.

The audience was delighted by a selection of Specialty Coffees from the 1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza collection – partner of the event – served in the form of Espresso or in a cold version with the Cold Brew method, combined with the sweet and savory proposals prepared for the occasion by leading exponents of the pastry world such as Gino Fabbri and Marco Pedron.

Next stop: the Temporary Store in Milan with a double appointment in October and November to celebrate 10 years

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All 33 finalists of the competition will have the opportunity to sell their creations in the Temporary Store which will open from 3 to 30 October, in Corso Garibaldi (corner Via Palermo 21) in Milan: an address that has now become a point of reference for panettone lovers, offering an exclusive showcase for pastry chefs in the heart of Brera.

To celebrate 10 years this year the appointment doubles and in addition to the traditional opening in October, there will be a surprise: from 2 to 27 November the Temporary Store will host a selection of panettone signed by the winners of the last 10 years, who will create a limited edition leavened product designed to celebrate this special anniversary.

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