CC arrest two “commuter” pushers

CC arrest two “commuter” pushers
CC arrest two “commuter” pushers
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FOGGIA, 09/14/2022 – The Carabinieri of the Operational and Radiomobile Nucleus of the Compagnia di Via Croce, in the late evening of Monday, arrested a 42 year old and a 23 year old, attentive during targeted and continuous services aimed at contrasting the narcotic substances.

The two, spotted aboard a car traveling at high speed along the route from Foggia to the Molise capital, were recognized and stopped shortly before reaching Bojano. At the time of the check, the reason for such “haste” was immediately understood, in fact, in their availability, a “Stick” from 98.00 gr. drug of the type “hashish” And 25.00 gr. from “cocaine”. The search activity extended to the houses allowed to find perfectly functioning precision sling bars, probably used for the division into doses once they arrived home.

The partnership that binds the two young people competing in the crime of detention for the purpose of drug dealing and procurement in Foggia for the sale then on the square of the Matese center, it was ascertained with info – investigative activities and for the two the handcuffs were taken and the transfer under house arrest pending the validation hearing before the GIP of the Court of Campobasso.

The Commander of the Carabinieri Company of Bojano points out how the current investigative result follows a similar outcome a few days later against another young man who is then subject to the obligation of signature and prohibition of residence in Campobasso. The importance of creating a system between institutions and the social sphere in order to build a solid support network, with the aim of stemming the phenomenon, is unavoidable. Families and institutions report dubious circumstances and / or strange behavior, to allow investigators to stem dangerous situations. (dailymolise)

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