The Health Tour makes a stop this weekend in Monopoli – Puglia

The Health Tour makes a stop this weekend in Monopoli – Puglia
The Health Tour makes a stop this weekend in Monopoli – Puglia
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Free screenings, sports and entertainment on 17 and 18 September

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 14 – The Tour della Salute, the itinerant event now in its 4th edition that aims to raise awareness on the importance of prevention and the need for style, stops in Puglia, in Monopoli of healthy life. The Apulian city, the first and only stop in the Region, will host the event promoted by the association ‘Il Tour della Salute’ and which enjoys the patronage of the Municipality and the unconditional contribution of Eg Stada Group. Appointment on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, with free admission from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 20. Inside the Truck Hospitality, equipped with 5 clinics, it will be possible to undergo self-diagnosis tests and first instance checks: diabetic and nutritional screening, cardiological screening and possible electrocardiogram, hearing control.

Exponents of the scientific societies Sid (Italian Society of Diabetology) and Siprec (Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention) will provide free medical consultations, offering advice on the prevention and management of cardio metabolic diseases. In the previous stages, several cases of unsuspecting citizens were detected, struggling with serious cardiological problems, which thanks to the checks carried out in the Truck Hospitality have averted potentially serious consequences for health. The novelty of this year is represented by the Listening Desk, which aims to respond to the increase in psychological disorders recorded in the pandemic and post-pandemic phases: also in this case they will be able to obtain a free consultation from specialists members of the Italian Federation of Psychologists. In this regard, in the first stages of the tour that started in June, it was above all the youngest, often accompanied by their parents, who highlighted the need to listen and benefited from the talks with the experts. Space also for physical, sporting and recreational activity: dance, boxing, k1 and muay thai, as well as ping pong. The volunteers of the local Red Cross will then propose a series of training sessions, allowing citizens to learn the techniques necessary to carry out pediatric and life-saving clearing maneuvers. (HANDLE).


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