“Two convincing examples of relaunching the territory”

“Two convincing examples of relaunching the territory”
“Two convincing examples of relaunching the territory”
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“Civita Campomarano and Castel del Giudice represent two convincing examples of the revitalization of the territory to counter the pervasive scourge of the depopulation of the villages in Molise”. This was stated by Caterina Cerroni, National Secretary of the Young Democrats, leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber in Molise. “Cvtà Street Fest – he adds – and the Albergo Diffuso projects in Borgo Tufi and the Community Cooperative are exceptional examples of shared commitment between citizens and politics, a spirit of cohesion and a strong sense of community that, with a different approach, rebel against decline to which they seem destined and are candidates to become models of direct citizen participation to be replicated even in the suburbs of large cities “.

According to Caterina Cerroni, “the two towns of Molise have found the reasons for a new rebirth in culture, environmental protection and sustainable tourism”. “Therefore – and he continues – they are not just examples to be praised but real models to be exported to other areas of Molise and to Italy that can no longer be based only on a voluntary commitment but must be supported by the legislator with a simplification of procedures and tools. “.

“Molise is rich in virtuous experiences that testify to the willingness of us Molisans to grow and project ourselves towards the future, transforming difficulties into opportunities thanks to our cultural, geographical, social peculiarities and, finally, to our desire for redemption. These are all ingredients that can also be used for the revitalization of any territory that needs closer services, new job opportunities, to stop depopulation ”.

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