on the initiative of the Puglia Region, from 20 September to 2 December 2022 training course organized by Unisalento together with the Sanfra network

on the initiative of the Puglia Region, from 20 September to 2 December 2022 training course organized by Unisalento together with the Sanfra network
on the initiative of the Puglia Region, from 20 September to 2 December 2022 training course organized by Unisalento together with the Sanfra network
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Inaugural round table with a lectio magistralis by Chiara Saraceno

At the initiative of the Puglia regionL’University of Salento in collaboration with the SANFRA anti-violence centers network organized the training course “Violence against women: a gender approach”scheduled from 20 September to 2 December 2022 in the classrooms of the University of Salento.
The course is free and provides, in total, 50 hours of teaching between lectures and workshops and two round tables (opening and closing). Intended for female workers in anti-violence centers, female students and students, and open to all interested parties, the course aims to provide basic knowledge on the theoretical and methodological aspects relating to gender-based violence and its contrast. Furthermore, technical-legal notions and operational intervention practices will be provided for the protection of women and minors, the reception and listening of women victims of violence and the functioning of the anti-violence territorial network. In further modules, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventions will be deepened, with a broader look at social policies.
The course will be inaugurated Tuesday 20 September 2022 4.30 pm, in the presence in the A4 room of building 6 of the Studium2000 complex (via di Valesio, Lecce) and online at https://bit.ly/Seminario_20092022, with a lectio magistralis (in online link) of the professor Chiara Saraceno, honorary fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto of Turin, on the theme “Violence against women as a result of polarized gender models”.
Introduced and coordinated by the Delegate for Gender Policies of the University of Salento Anna Maria Cherubinithe proceedings will open with the institutional greetings of the Vice Rector Marie Antoinette Aielloof the Directors of the Departments of Mathematics and Physics “Ennio De Giorgi” Michele Campiti and Human and Social Sciences Mariano Longoof the President of the Regional Council of Puglia Loredana Capone and the Assessor for Welfare, social welfare policies and equal opportunities, social planning and socio-health integration of the Puglia Region Rosa Barone.
Chiara Saraceno’s lesson will be introduced by the teacher Irene Strazzeri, Delegate for training of the UniSalento Women’s Observatory, who oversaw the realization of the course together with the Delegate for Gender Policies. After lectio magistralisa debate will follow with the participation of: Nadia CairoAnti-violence contact person for Medihospes; Monica Mc BrittonChairman of the UniSalento Single Guarantee Committee; Silvia MigliettaCouncilor for Welfare, Housing Policies, Reception, Accessibility, Civil Rights, Equal Opportunities, Volunteering and Youth Policies of the Municipality of Lecce; Serenella MolendiniAlternate National Councilor for Equality; Anna Maria RizzoPresident of the UniSalento Women’s Observatory Study Center; Giulia SannollaHead of Actions to combat gender-based violence of the Welfare Department of the Puglia Region.
“This is an initiative of great value, not only in practical terms for those who work in anti-violence centers and sector services”, underlines the professor Anna Maria Cherubini, «But also in cultural and social terms, because it is necessary to spread knowledge on the roots of gender-based violence and on how to counter it. The course is an example of collaboration between the University and the territory, through the actors who deal directly with the fight against violence, and sees the integration of different skills: I believe that this is a necessary approach to combat a very serious social problem “.
To register for the training course, you must fill out the online form: https://forms.gle/9JesJUYjmLyLFUAQA by 3 October 2022 (it is possible to register for single meetings). There are 80 places available and registrations will be accepted with the following order of priority: first UniSalento students and Cav operators / trici; to follow students and other candidates. In the case of redundant registrations, we will proceed in order of age from the youngest. Complete program: https://www.unisalento.it/eventi/-/asset_publisher/31V52VDsIn08/content/violenza-sulle-donne-un-approccio-di-genere

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