Sunday in La Brigue with Professor Carlo Lanteri

Sunday in La Brigue with Professor Carlo Lanteri
Sunday in La Brigue with Professor Carlo Lanteri
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Carlo Lanteri (Photo Daros)

SAVONA. 14 WEEK A group of art lovers from the Diocese of Albenga-Imperia has organized a trip to Briga Marittima for next Sunday. Accompanying the group will be the creator of the initiative, Professor Carlo Lanteri who in recent days also held an interesting and in-depth conference, with projection of images, on “The Sistine Chapel of the Maritime Alps: Notre Dame des Fontaines”. The conference was aimed precisely at preparing the visit to this enchanting place in the Valley of Wonders. The previous trip organized by the group, accompanied by Lanteri himself, a well-known scholar and expert of Christian art, was the one in which the professor led a group of about fifty art lovers to France, including many members of the Unitrè ingauna, to the visit of the Cistercian Abbey of Thoronet, entitled: “The white mantle of the cloisters”. “The visit to Thoronet – Lanteri explained to us – was motivated by the desire to make everyone present reflect on the fact that when we try to reconstruct the past, we often seem to be talking about beautiful things, but dead. Instead, I wanted to bring the participants to live a real human encounter, full and lively, with these things that bear witness to the past. As far as the Cistercian monks are concerned, they testify to a life of men who made a radical choice: to follow an ideal within whose horizon to live it and to which to conform it. I also hope this visit to Notre Dame de Fontaines will be an opportunity to make those present reflect on the many symbols contained in every aspect of this enchanting place and that it will also be useful to enrich their human experience “. Departure is scheduled for 6:30 from Pietra Ligure, 7:00 from Albenga (motorway tollbooth) and 7:20 from Imperia Est and 7:45 from Arma di Taggia. At 10 am the arrival in La Brigue is expected to visit the Collegiate Church and the historic center. In the afternoon at 3 pm there will be a visit to the famous Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Fontaines. The companion, Carlo Lanteri, a valid teacher who, for many years, has been engaged in a profound training work for young people, constantly lavished with humble and engaging consistency, in the awareness that the result is born from the example. Doctor of Ancient Literature and graduate in Theology, Lanteri, with the grace and seriousness of a true educator and authentic esthete, manages to propose, with passion and witty critical spirit, to adults and young people, and in particular to high school students classic and scientific of Albenga, respect and attachment to the religious, artistic and historical culture of Liguria and the Terre Brigasche, of which Lanteri is proudly a native. Skilled storyteller, excellent storyteller, as a writer and scholar of cultural and artistic heritage of the territory, he is also the author of various and interesting volumes and publications. He is the deputy director of the important cultural magazine “A Vastera”. Always available for dissemination, he contributes with conferences, trips and cultural initiatives, to raise awareness of the monuments and works of art in particular of the vast territory of the Diocese of Albenga-Imperia. A great expert in iconography and symbolism, averse to any formalism and appearance, he eagerly teaches to look for the essential signs, to contemplate the beauty and amazement that he discovers in the divine. To preserve traditions, to respect cultural, social and religious values ​​and instances, which coexist with the criteria of hope, which he invites us to value on a daily basis.


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