At the POPUP in Perugia meeting with Fulvio Risuleo on September 16th

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PERUGIAFriday 16 September, at 6.30 pmreally interesting meeting at the POPUP in the square Birago in Perugia. In fact, he will be there as a guest Fulvio Risuleo, young director and illustratorwith his Pixels dream in 8K? (pièdimosca editions). He will dialogue with the author Marco Leombruniof the collective Becoming X.

The meeting – in the program of the Via Birago & Friends neighborhood party – is promoted in collaboration with the cinema PostModernissimo. Following 8bit music selection.


Born in Rome in 1991, Risuleo presented at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, in the Orizzonti Extra section, his latest film, Ghost Nightwith Edoardo Fish and Yothin Clavenzani. In recent years you have made films Look up, The blow of the dog and, together with the designer Pronostic, he made the comics Sniff And Tangoboth for Coconino Press. He is also the author of short films, documentaries, web series, short comics and literature without figures. In his new work published by Perugia pièdimosca editionsthe protagonists are Dinosaur and Crocodile, two little animals made of pixels that spend their days imagining a different life. Determined to go down in history, they organize a picnic on the beach, inviting all the animals they know. The goal: to find out who among them has the necessary charisma to guide them towards immortality.

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The article is in Italian


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