Earthquake: 4 new ‘Alessandrini-Marino’ classrooms inaugurated in Teramo – Abruzzo

Earthquake: 4 new ‘Alessandrini-Marino’ classrooms inaugurated in Teramo – Abruzzo
Earthquake: 4 new ‘Alessandrini-Marino’ classrooms inaugurated in Teramo – Abruzzo
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Partly solved the age-old problem of unusability after tremors

(ANSA) – TERAMO, 14 SEP – Four new classrooms of the ‘Alessandrini-Marino’ Higher Education Institute of Teramo were inaugurated, located at the headquarters of the ‘Einstein’ Liceo Scientifico: the ceremony was attended by the Regional Councilor with delegation to the Instruction Pietro Quaresimale and the President of the Province of Teramo Diego Di Bonaventura who were welcomed by the Headmaster, Professor Clara Moschella and by teachers, students and ATA staff.
These are new spaces that, in part, solve the age-old problem of the unusability of almost the entire headquarters of the ‘Marino’ Professional Institute following the seismic events of 2016.
In fact, the missing classrooms had been located at the Liceo ‘Milli’, the Liceo Scientifico ‘Einstein’ and the Technical Technological Institute ‘Alessandrini’ with serious inconvenience both for the students and for the teachers and for the ATA staff who, for some years , they found themselves operating in four offices, including that of the ‘Milli’ very distant from the Institute’s headquarters.
The new arrangement has allowed the Institute to return the classrooms to the ‘Milli’ and to concentrate the didactic activities in three neighboring complexes with the possibility for students to be able to use the workshops without particular inconvenience.
After visiting the new spaces, both the Lent Councilor and the President Di Bonaventura, entertained themselves with students, teachers and ATA staff wishing them a good school year. Both have declared themselves available, as far as they are concerned, to solicit the reconstruction of the headquarters of the Professional Institute. In particular, Di Bonaventura also undertook to make the changing rooms of the Institute gym accessible as soon as possible in order to allow full usability of the same to the students of the Institute and, given the availability of the Moschella Headmaster, also to sports associations. of the city. In addition, he guaranteed the quick arrangement of the internal road of the Institute which is currently disconnected due to the damage caused by the roots of the trees. (HANDLE).


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