“Never easy with Lazio. The national team? Important double test “

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Return to the field one day in advance for Futsal Pescara Women who will have the honor – together with Lazio – to open the 2022/23 season of Serie A, starting from the field of Fiano Romano. The away match, then the double friendly match against the Netherlands with the national team and then again the championship with the first at home: for Ludovica Coppari a beautiful “normality” is about to return.

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“One thing is training with nothing at stake on Sunday, another is training oriented to the match and to those three points that always give an extra stimulus. There will be some excitement, but we couldn’t wait to be able to break the ice and I have good feelings because the new girls have settled in well too and I know that on a team level it will be easy for us to go in the same direction. Attention, however, to Lazio, against which – beyond their absences – there have always been very tough challenges. Being the first, then, clearly we will not be at 100%, but the desire we put in will count because they will give their best to win at home ”.

NATIONAL In 4 days the start of the regular season and in 12 days the commitment with the blue jersey, together with her 5 other people from Pescara who will try to earn their place in view of the Main Round of the European Championship.
“Receiving the call-up of the national team is always something beautiful, sharing it with those I see even more every day. For the moment the thought is mainly to Lazio, but – if you make me think about it – Salsomaggiore Terme will be an important week to try to understand where we are. I hope that this year we will be able to do even better than in the past because we have grown a lot: I would really like it to be the right time to go home not only with lots of applause, but also with the coveted European Championship pass. We stopped twice in the Main Round against the reigning champions of Spain, now we will face Slovenia, Hungary and the finalist Portugal who will not be more affordable than the Iberians, but – even if we are not at the level of the latter – I always think that nothing is impossible and I believe it will be the same for all my companions ”.

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