Liguria, the separate collection of paper and cardboard is growing

Liguria, the separate collection of paper and cardboard is growing
Liguria, the separate collection of paper and cardboard is growing
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In 2021 in Liguria the separate collection of paper and cardboard continues to grow. Despite the persistent difficulties due to the last stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the region surpasses the excellent results of 2020, who already saw it in pole position among the most virtuous Italian regions and records an increase of 2.8%, for a total collection of over 97,000 tons. This is revealed by the 27th Annual Report on the separate collection and recycling of paper and cardboard in Italy, edited by Comieco, the National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging.

“Liguria also showed great attention to the environment in 2021” declares Carlo MontalbettiGeneral Manager of Comieco “Each Ligurian citizen during the year differentiated on average 64 kg of paper and cardboard, an excellent result even higher than the national average (60.8 kg / inhabitant-year). The level of interception of the cellulosic fraction on the total waste produced can still be improved, standing at 12.3%, but following this positive trend we can certainly expect significant progress. ”

In 2021 in Liguria Comieco directly managed 68,304 tons of paper and cardboard, equal to 70.4% of the total collection. The 224 municipalities under agreement were paid fees of over 6 million euros.

The collection by province

Analyzing the data in detail, it is evident that all the provinces recorded a positive sign both in terms of collection volumes and for the per capita average, which is higher than the national one everywhere. La Spezia is the province that scores the best results both in terms of volume increase (+1,085 t) and per capita collection.

Province of Genoa: collected over 50,000 tons of paper and cardboard with a per capita of 61.5 kg / inhabitant-year;
Province of Imperia: More than 13,000 tons collected and 64.2 kg the average collection of each citizen;
Province of La Spezia: More than 15,000 tons collected with a per capita of 70.3 kg / inb-year, the highest in the region;
Province of Savona: collected more than 18,000 tons of paper and cardboard, an average per capita of 68 kg / inhabitant-year.


Quantity and quality of separate paper and cardboard collection in Italy

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On a national level, in 2021 the separate collection of paper and cardboard outlines a situation characterized by a trend that is everywhere positive. Over 3.6 million tons of cellulosic material have been sorted throughout the country, up by more than 110,000 tons (+ 3.2%) compared to 2020. The country’s average per capita exceeds 60 for the first time kg / inhabitant The Comieco Report shows that for the second consecutive year Italy has reached the EU 2030 target for the recycling rate of cellulosic packaging set at 85%, a target already cut the previous year 10 years in advance.

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