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Vacanziera saves a dog from the street in Calabria, then gets fined

Vacanziera saves a dog from the street in Calabria, then gets fined
Vacanziera saves a dog from the street in Calabria, then gets fined
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A Ligurian woman, on vacation in Calabriawas fined after rescuing a dog from the street: last month, the vacationer saw the animal running among the cars at Taurianovain the province of Reggio Calabriawith the risk of being run over and causing accidents, and rescued the animal.

Il Secolo XIX reported that the lady, after rescuing the dog, called the local animal shelter, but was told that there was no room in the structure. So the woman took the dog to her vacation home and then to the vet to check if she had a microchip, but she didn’t have one. In the end, she turned to the carabinieri: “At the barracks I ask if there is a missing person report for the dog, but they laugh at me. So I ask to make a statement, but they deny it to me,”He said.

The lady then continued her vacation in the company of her new friend with the intention of keeping him with her later, but, before returning to Liguria, she went to the veterinarian to ask for the documentation, which was not issued to her because she is not a resident. In Calabria. The dog still left with her and, once they arrived in Genoa, the woman contacted the local stray section to explain the situation: here they informed her that, when she would go to the clinic to do all the necessary documents , would have been fined 51 euros “because the animal is undocumented“.

In essence, the ASL told her that, to avoid the fine, she should have contacted the Municipality of Taurianova which is the owner of the animals roaming the area, as are all the municipal bodies. Subsequently, the ASL would have carried out all the checks. In any case, the dog now lives in Liguria with his new family.


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