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Area X Umbria, celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Panathlon Club Clitunno

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The celebrations of the thirty years since the constitution of the Panathlon Club Clitunno, inserted in the X Umbria Area under the guidance of Rita Custodi from Orvieto, and active in 19 municipalities of the Foligno-Spoleto area will take place Sunday 18 September with the “direction” of the president Claudio Menichelli. Panathlon is an association with ethical and cultural purposes that aims to deepen, disseminate and disseminate the positive ethical values ​​of sport intended as an instrument of training and enhancement of the person and as a vehicle of solidarity between men and peoples.

The official program includes the meeting, at 9.30, at the Faunistic Oasis of the Fonti del Clitunno and the guided tour of the Oasis after the welcome coffee for the guests. The transfer to Trevi Centro for the meeting, at the Clitunno Theater, with the panathletic, religious, civil, political and sporting authorities with brief reports by welcome guests of honor: Costanza Laliscia, multiple Italian and European equestrian Endurance champion; Silvio Martinello, world and Olympic track cycling champion and RAI commentator; Lamberto Boranga, football player and sports doctor; SIR volleyball players Wilfredo Leon and Kamil Rychlicki to whom the Council of Ministers granted Italian citizenship for sporting merits.

The volleyball players will be accompanied by Gino Sirci, president of SIR Safety SUSA and Cavaliere della Repubblica. The members of the Umbrian clubs of Area X Panathlon will be present with the governor Rita Custodi. This is followed by a report on the activity of the Club’s 30 years of life enriched by the projection of the numerous television services documenting the full-bodied activity of the club. The convivial moment will take place in the rooms of the Taverna del Terziere del Piano by the renowned “Kitchen of San Pietro a Pettine”.

In the afternoon, from 3 pm onwards, guests will have the opportunity to participate in the events that the “Trevi Benessere” kermesse, with the Municipal Administration, has organized for the whole weekend.


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