Reggio Calabria: saves a dog from the street but is fined

Reggio Calabria: saves a dog from the street but is fined
Reggio Calabria: saves a dog from the street but is fined
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The story concerns a Ligurian vacationer who spent her holidays in Taurianova: what happened

He noticed a poor man dog abandoned in Street, for fear that a car might hit him, he rescued him, but what happened later he could never have imagined. It is incredible what happened to Taurianovain the province of Reggio Calabria: A vacationer named Pamela was the only one to stop to help an animal, but this action has turned over on her wallet. The lady, as told by the 19th Century, first called a facility for the reception of animals, but she was told that there was no room, then she took the dog to her holiday home and to the vet to check if she had the microchip.

This attempt to find the possible master also failed, the woman then turned to the carabinieri: “In the barracks I ask if there is a missing person report for the dog, but they laugh in my face. So I ask you to make a statement, but they deny it to me “, he said. Without thinking twice, Pamela went back to the vet again to ask for documentation so that she could travel the stray to Liguria, where she lives, which however is not feasible as she does not have a residence in Calabria. Rocco, as she called him, left with her anyway and, once he arrived in Genoa, her new owner contacted the local stray section to explain the situation. The structure then informed her that, when she went to the clinic to do all the necessary documents, she would be fined 51 euros “Because the animal does not have the documents”.

The solution to avoid the fine would have been to contact the Municipality of Taurianova which, as usual in these cases, is the law owner of the animals roaming the territory. Subsequently, it would have been the competent ASL to carry out all the necessary checks. Yet another bureaucratic affair that creates complications, but the important thing is that Rocco now lives in Liguria with a new family happy to have him with them and which has given him the gift of a new hope of life.

The article is in Italian

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