Benno Neumair, the experts: “He suffers from serious diseases, he must not go to prison”

Benno Neumair, the experts: “He suffers from serious diseases, he must not go to prison”
Benno Neumair, the experts: “He suffers from serious diseases, he must not go to prison”
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“According to our report, he was completely incapable of understanding and wanting during the first murder. In the second instead, since we are not sure of some elements, we say that capacity was at least greatly diminished. While he reacquires it at the moment of concealment corpses ». This is the result of the analysis conducted by the three defense consultants on Benno Neumair, the 31-year-old from Bolzanoconfessed to the double murder of his parentsheard on Tuesday 13 September in an almost nine-hour hearing in the court of Bolzano, during which they also defined him as “dangerous” and “to be treated: he shouldn’t be in jail“.

The consultant’s opinion

On the same day, a report by the Penitentiary Police was also filed which speaks of one alleged assault of manlast August 17, against a cellmate to which he would punched in the face. A fact that Neumair himself denies and for which investigations are still underway. “Let’s stop on January 3, 2021, the day before the double murder. Let’s pretend that Benno Neumair was taken to the clinic. With a good first visit it would all come out and I would recommend insertion into a community or even a shelter“. The words of Pietro Pietrini, defense technical consultant together with Giuseppe Sartori and Cristina Scarpazza, give a good idea of ​​how serious, according to the triad of experts, Neumair’s condition was beyond the double murder. A disturbance that makes it, always according to the defense, too socially dangerous: “We disagree with the judge’s experts – said Pietrini in the courtroom, answering the questions of the defense lawyers Angelo Polo and Flavio Moccia – on the fact that the danger has disappeared with the death of the parents. It is related to his pathology: he has a personality disorder with narcissistic, antisocial and passive-aggressive aspects“.

The trigger

A condition for which, therefore, should be treated: «Benno Neumair is dangerous, he needs to be treated. Keeping that in mind personality disorders remain throughout life: it is treatable but not curable. Therefore – Pietrini argues – prison is not a suitable and just measure, because Benno is in the first place a sick person ». We then discussed the presence of the “quid pluris”, that is a trigger factor which led to the inability to understand and therefore to the double homicide. According to the defense consultants it would not be necessary, because “such a patient does not need it to decompensate. Let’s take an example: a person with high blood pressure, who takes medicine and keeps it under control, knows well that it can still happen that he has high blood pressure. Just as the epileptic can have a crisis that is defined “out of the blue” ». Despite this, in any case, «Benno Neumair had it: he had laboriously reached a situation of precarious equilibrium which was shattered by a convergence of situations. And above all, on the day of the event there would have been a quarrel with his father ».

“It lacks gray matter in the hippocampus”

In other words: without the pathology the quarrel would not have led to the tragic consequence. However, this is a quarrel whose existence can only be deduced from the words of Neumair. Could not lie? “We don’t think so, because he talks about it when he wasn’t even suspected and, besides, him he lies only when he needs it to protect his image“. There would also be a scientific motivation, the experts continue, which would reinforce the thesis of the serious disorder: “From the magnetic resonances we see that it lacks gray matter in the hippocampus – Scarpazza explains – which is relevant both because it is a very marked alteration and because the hippocampus is involved in the circuit that regulates emotions and aggression“. The defense consultants were then pursued by prosecutors Igor Secco and Federica Jovene, and by the plaintiffs lawyers Carlo Bertacchi and Elena Valenti. A very long cross-examination, which lasted several hours, served “to highlight the contradictions both between what was written and said by the experts – according to what the lawyer Bertacchi claims – and with the objective data that emerged from the trial investigation”.

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