Gdf: Cagliari has its Green Basque company – Sardinia

Gdf: Cagliari has its Green Basque company – Sardinia
Gdf: Cagliari has its Green Basque company – Sardinia
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It will be led by Lieutenant Umberto Parente

Now Cagliari also has a Company of the Green Basques of the Guardia di Finanza. The general of division, Gioacchino Angeloni, Sardinia Regional Commander of the Yellow Flames, in the presence of numerous civil and military authorities discovered the plaque affixed to the wall of the building in Viale Diaz that houses the Green Basques of Cagliari, which officially decrees the reorganization from the point of operational view and the birth of the Company.
The Green Basques, hitherto hinged within the Second Metropolitan Operational Nucleus, go on to set up an autonomous department, which will be led by Lieutenant Umberto Parente, in his second operational role after a structured service experience in a department in Northern Italy.
“The goal – let the Fiamme Gialle know – is to further increase, together with the other police forces, the sense of security perceived by the citizens within the entire province of Cagliari: this, through the performance of the various services of institute, among which, in addition to the aforementioned maintenance of public order and security, the economic control of the territory, the fight against the sale and dissemination of narcotic substances, the surveillance at sensitive targets and points and the creation of positions stand out control”.


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