Campania audiovisual district, work begins on the digital pole in Bagnoli

Campania audiovisual district, work begins on the digital pole in Bagnoli
Campania audiovisual district, work begins on the digital pole in Bagnoli
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The Campania Region with the Campania Region Film Commission officially launches the works of the Campania Audiovisual District – Digital and Creative Animation Center and the beginning of the construction site in Bagnoli for the adaptation of Building D, located in the Park San Laise, formerly the Ciano College and former headquarters of the NATO command for Southern Europe.

Financed by the Campania Region, through the Fund for Development and Cohesion (FSC), for a total amount of 4,200,000 euros, the project, which aims to become the second national production center after Cinecittà, aims to strengthen the the attractiveness of Campania in terms of infrastructures, supporting the growth of the regional sector, favoring the aggregation of professionals and companies in the sector, and the meeting between supply and demand for services. As well as completing the production chain in innovative and strategic sectors such as digital image processing, visual effects and animation.

The completion of the works scheduled for the end of 2023

With the completion of the works expected at the end of 2023, the District is conceived as a place of convergence of five specific functions. While the first basement level will be used as a restoration, archiving and storage laboratory, the second level opens up to the more operational activities of the Campania center and consists of a Cineport (function 1) with large spaces dedicated to the realization of the productions that will be able to take advantage of offices, casting rooms, tailors, laboratories for technical departments, and an incubator (function 2) for the establishment of regional companies in different areas and services. These are two interconnected areas in a logic of integration and aggregation aimed at strengthening the productive capacity of the territory and the competitiveness of Campania companies on the markets.

The third level houses a study and documentation center (function 3), aimed at setting up a social media library, which will launch an important ‘public history’ project to reconstruct the recent social history of the area, starting from the visual memory of the San Laise Park and of the Bagnoli district. Common areas and exhibition halls are also on the same floor. The fourth level is intended to house the technological equipment of the digital and creative animation hub (function 4) with color grading and audio mixing room, render farm and animation laboratories: an advanced technological hub to complete the local production chain. and solicit production and experimentation activities in sectors with a high innovation content. In addition, co-working areas and meeting rooms, a projection room, refreshment areas, classrooms and training laboratories will be set up on the floor.

The training activities (function 5) whose establishment is foreseen in the District will guarantee, also through the training on the job model, opportunities for professional growth and entry into the world of work in all segments of the production chain.

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The building

The identification of the D building as the headquarters of the District in the San Laise Park required a long research. The choice of the property was determined in the first place by the good conditions of conservation of the structure, which does not require a thorough renovation. The planned interventions – entrusted through an integrated tender to the RTI Sodema – Euroelektra SRL and to the designer Di Girolamo Engineering srl Society of Engineering and Architecture – consist mainly in the functional adaptation of the spaces and modernization of the systems, as well as in finalization and setting up of the rooms according to the characteristics of the project. In addition to the rather limited investment and the congruity of the rental costs, the choice of this building was dictated by the opportunity to favor the return of an important real estate complex to the community, opening it to the themes of culture, entertainment and work.

The management model

The management model of the District is based on multifunctional characteristics. The cost items for the management of the infrastructure will be borne almost entirely by the revenues that will derive from the provision of a plurality of services aimed at satisfying the complex needs of audiovisual productions, both attracted from outside and regional. This management hypothesis is based on the analysis of the number and characteristics of the audiovisual productions made in the region. From the constantly growing number of such productions and the size of the projects themselves, it results that the demand for services has been constantly growing. Only considering the period corresponding to the first 15 years of activity of the Campania Region Film Commission (2005 – 2020) the overall economic impact of audiovisual productions exceeded 300 million euros, of which a considerable percentage was invested to meet logistical and infrastructural (offices, laboratories, tailors, tooling shops, etc.).

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