We ceramics, nice words from von der Leyen but the EU intervenes – Umbria

We ceramics, nice words from von der Leyen but the EU intervenes – Umbria
We ceramics, nice words from von der Leyen but the EU intervenes – Umbria
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Umbrian cooperative recognizes itself in his words but thinks of LPG

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 14 SEPTEMBER – “He did not mention us expressly but we really think that the President of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen was talking about us when she referred to energy costs in her speech on the State of the Union and workers in Italy as a model for energy saving. We are pleased that our cry of alarm has reached these levels in Europe, but after the nice words we need to do something concrete “: to speak is Lorenzo Giornelli, commercial director and CEO of Ceramiche noi, a company that produces ceramics in Città di Castello and is managed by a cooperative formed by the workers themselves.

During the summer, the work shifts in the factory were brought forward to the morning to make the most of natural light and activate the aerators as little as possible, thus saving on electricity costs. And today von der Leyen stressed that “the workers of the ceramic factories in central Italy have decided to shift their work shifts to the early morning, to benefit from lower energy prices”.

Now Ceramiche we are considering converting the kilns for the production of ceramics from methane to lpg. “It has a cheaper cost than methane – Giornelli explained to ANSA – even if a substantial investment is needed. Then maybe in a few months the cost of LPG will increase and that of methane will go down …”.

Ceramiche noi is run by a cooperative with 11 of the 22 employees. It was taken over by the previous owner using their severance pay to prevent it from being relocated to Armenia. “Energy costs – explains the commercial manager – last year for us accounted for 9-10 percent while in 2022 we went to 35-40 percent. With gas accounting for most of the cost”.

“It is hard to go on under these conditions – explains Giornelli – and I don’t know how long we will be able to do it. The absurd thing is that we have orders for the whole of next year. and ornamental objects all in ceramic. All rigorously made in Italy and with Umbrian labor “. (HANDLE).



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