Gas crisis, 6 more drilling rigs in Croatia. And Italy remains to watch

Gas crisis, 6 more drilling rigs in Croatia. And Italy remains to watch
Gas crisis, 6 more drilling rigs in Croatia. And Italy remains to watch
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Crisis of gas? For Croatia it is simple, it is thought to put into operation another 6 drilling rigs for the extraction. In Italy, too, this could be done, thus increasing the availability of the important resource, yet, at the moment, there are very few signs of this.

Currently, despite the intentions of the Minister of Ecological Transition Cingolani to increase the extractions of gas with drills in the sea, of starting new drilling is not mentioned. While countries like Croatia are running for cover, therefore, Italy remains to watch.

To express their discontent is Oscar Guerra, by Assorisorse. “Croatia has ordered six new platforms and will soon put them into operation while here in Italy new drilling is prohibited“War is unleashed on Italy Today.Not only. The announced document that should have defined the suitable areas for methane gas has never seen the light, it is still in who knows some drawer. And to think that under our seas there are 350 billion cubic meters of gas“.

In short, given the current situation, with companies and families in difficulty, and Europe still looking for solutions, Italy should begin to look into its own home and find a remedy, at least to limit the damage. There Croatia he wasted no time, while we stand still, not taking advantage of the resources we have.

Today we extract 3.3 billion, in the span of 6-12 months we could reach about 8 and within 18-24 months, with new platforms, to 15 billion“informs Guerra, worried about the state of our country. We have gas, but it is not extracted. That’s why Assorisorse sent a memorandum to the government, asking to optimize the structures already operational and speed up the development of new projects. The advantages would be obvious: we will have less need to depend on other countries and we will gain in terms of costs, we will acquire greater energy security and we will reduce emissions. Not only. Jobs would be created, costs in bills would decrease and business development would be favored.

So why do we hesitate?

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In 2016 he was the executive of Matteo Renzi to impose a decisive halt to drilling in the Adriatic Sea, denying the Rockhopper oil company to exploit the Ombrina field. A fact for which Italy will have to pay a hefty fine, as well as having lost credibility. Companies like Rockhopper may prefer to do business with Croatia in the future.

Here in Italy, after all, we have Giuseppe Conte and his 5 Star Movement who don’t even think about drilling. On the contrary. “The future is to protect marine ecosystems by not subjecting them to the stress of new drilling. Also because drilling requires very expensive long-term investments and therefore certainly do not represent the solution to the energy emergency.“the former people’s lawyer said in one of his latest statements.

If we look around, we will find that the Netherlands and Germany will also soon work to develop a new one deposit of gas in the North Sea. With us, however, everything stops. And Federacciai was forced to sign an agreement to obtain energy from the Slovenian Krsko power plant.

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