Stop at the salary ceiling of public super-executives, the reaction of the trade unions. Landini: “Unworthy act of parties against workers”

Stop at the salary ceiling of public super-executives, the reaction of the trade unions. Landini: “Unworthy act of parties against workers”
Stop at the salary ceiling of public super-executives, the reaction of the trade unions. Landini: “Unworthy act of parties against workers”
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The blitz in the meeting committees in the Senate – which led to the inclusion in the dl Aid bis of the amendment deleting the ceiling of 240 thousand euros to the salaries of the top figures of the Public administration and of Police – certainly could not go unnoticed. The unions are the ones to join the debate between the government discharge and the parties. That amendment “everyone voted for it.” “This is unworthy against workers who have run the country ”, comments the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini from the stage of the assembly of delegates in Bologna.

For the union, the provision “must be canceled”: “Those with an income of 240 thousand euros – adds Landini – have no problem paying rent, paying bills, while the aid decree should help those who can’t make it to the end of the month “. The intervention of Pierpaolo Bombardieri: “In this moment of crisis so profound we cannot think that there is anyone who can think of increasing the salary of those who earn 240 thousand euros a year ”, said the secretary of UIL in the course of an interview. “It would also be necessary to verify – he concludes – whether or not the managers have reached the targets considering that in the public administration they always reach them all regardless of what they do “.

All this while the yellow on the origins of the provision. “There was a troublewe did not understand for responsibility of whom. An absolute and total trouble, a slap in the face. We will change it, it will have to be changed ”. These are the words of the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta. The president of the 5 Star Movement points the finger at the Pd, Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia who in the classroom voted in favor of that rule that Giuseppe Conte defines “shameful”. To shed some light on the passages is the signatory of that amendment, the senator Marco Perosino from Come on Italy. “It is not clear what happened to my amendment the did tour of ministries and then came the reformulation in the commissions gathered… ”, explains al Everyday occurrence (now on newsstands) Senator Fi. The original text provided for the derogation from the salary ceiling only for police forces, carabinieri and penitentiary administration. But then came the news. The Ministry of Economydriven by Daniele Francoinserted it among the amendments to be “reformulated” and all the others were included in the reformulation ministerial figures: ie the department heads of the ministries, the general secretary of the presidency of the council of ministers and the general secretaries of the ministries. It therefore becomes difficult to decipher that “disappointment” filtered by Palazzo Chigi which, a few hours after approval in the Chamber, relegated the derogation to a “purely parliamentary dynamic” and agreement between the parties, provoking the reaction and criticism of almost all political parties, including the Democratic Party and Italia viva, who voted in favor in the classroom (together with Forza Italia). Abstained Brothers of Italy, 5-star Movement and Lega.

The union of the carabinieri: “If it’s true that Draghi wasn’t aware of this big hit, then he should immediately replace all senior management which, through a senator, have put the entire government team in difficulty, ”he declared in a statement Davide Satta, Deputy Secretary General of the Italian Carabinieri Union (Usic). “We are sure that after two days all this controversy will end up in oblivion – he continues – and we will have ever richer executives and even poorer state employees”. “Merit and responsibility must be paid adequately, but the ways and timing of this rule appear very questionable. First of all, because they are included in the decree supports that should provide, in emergencies, aid to families and businesses while it seems that the aid is for a privileged few “, he affirms Stefano Paolonigeneral secretary of autonomous police union (Sap). Same tones as those of Donato Capecegeneral secretary of Sappe, autonomous union of the Penitentiary Police: “It is scandalous to say the least that, while prison policemen risk their lives in prison every day for just over a thousand euros a month representing the state in the dangerous front line of the detention sections, there are those who have prepared and approved an amendment to the Aid bis decree which derogates from the ceiling of 240 thousand euros for public managers. All this is shameful! “.

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