“The nurse is an indispensable support figure for the doctor”, stormed the president of AIOP Lombardia

“The nurse is an indispensable support figure for the doctor”, stormed the president of AIOP Lombardia
“The nurse is an indispensable support figure for the doctor”, stormed the president of AIOP Lombardia
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At the 79th Venice Film Festival was presented these days “The good job there is”a docufilm produced by Skill Group that wants to tell an insight into the world of the health professions.

Nobody chooses the CdL anymore

A world that, between shortage of staff and low attractiveness (especially with regards to nursing), will necessarily have to overcome this period of deep crisis and this also through changes that are essential for the modernization of the entire system.

On the escape of young people from the idea of ​​becoming nurses, the president of the Italian Association of Private Hospitality (AIOP) Lombardia, Dario Beretta: “Today in Italy the requests for enrollment in the degree courses of faculty of nursing they are almost less than the places available.

There is always a great demand for medicine, physiotherapy or radiology, while there are few young people who choose to become nurses ”.

And so far, apart from “Faculty of Nursing Sciences” which does not exist (in reality this is a degree course in Nursing, at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery) and which denotes ideas that are not exactly clear, nothing to say.

The usual problems

Of course, nurses are missing, they go to great lengths to escape from an ungrateful profession and young people no longer enroll in universities to study as nurses. We know well, the causes are always the same (starvation salary, ridiculous contracts including AIOP, responsibility of true professionals, almost no social recognition, exploitation, demotion, nightmare shiftsetc.) now the fact no longer even represents news.

“The nurse is supporting the doctor”

The problem is that Beretta, president of AIOP Lombardia (we repeat it), therefore someone who should know a little something about health care (albeit private), at some point gives birth to a nonsense to say the least embarrassingwhich makes you think and in some ways resign: the nurse “Today is an indispensable support figure for the doctor’s activity.

By now in healthcare we are moving towards a complete computerization and who will take care of the electronic file will be the nurse who will also have to deal with the collection of all those data essential for the National Health Service and for research ”.

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The “hygiene” issue

We refrain from commenting on this unfortunate outing, albeit we trust in a sudden intervention by FNOPI to break down this inaccuracy; which however represents yet another disturbing sign, which makes us understand the profound ignorance that gravitates around Italian nursing.

Beretta also has her say on non-enrollment in the CdL, another thing that confirms how far her thinking is light years away from the operational reality of Italian nurses: “There is still a brake on registrations the belief that the nurse should take care of the patient’s hygienebut this is no longer the case ”.

Dear President …

Dear President, we do not know how long you have not set foot in a hospital, but … We are sorry to confirm that in many situations the nurses, even today, since there are no support figures (the real ones, that is the social health workers), passes most of their work shift to make the “bed tour” and to perform the personal hygiene of patients. And the citizens (including young people) look at it. Everyday.

Furthermore, we are sorry to inform you that the nurse, at least in front of the judge (YOU SEE), is a graduate and self-employed professional, of support just to NOBODY. Her departure, definitely out of time, didn’t help our kids much in choosing nursing …

Incaviglia, Legal Nurse: “Nurses used and treated as unskilled workers, but before the Judge …”

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