Landini broken record: he wants another flurry of taxes

Landini broken record: he wants another flurry of taxes
Landini broken record: he wants another flurry of taxes
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Maurizio Landini has clear ideas on the ideal maneuver to finance a possible income support policy and cut energy bills under stress: or the strengthening of the provision on extra-profits of the energy majors. “We are not talking about ordinary profits, but extra-profits, the result of speculation and the surge in prices, and all over Europe a discussion has begun to intervene”said the secretary of the CGIL speaking with The day. Actually, it must be said, the Draghi government has provided for a taxation on the extra profits of the energy giants, but for Landini it is not enough and on the extra profits we need to intervene more intensively: “They’ve only been taxed at 25 percent here: there’s 75 percent of that extra profit that’s there. There’s an immediate operation to be done.”adds the former executive of Fiom, who however remains vague.

What are extra profits? To what extent do you identify them? Which companies should you refer to? Landini does not answer these questions and seems to be returning to clevage ideological of the leftist trade union world that sees in tax extraction an end in itself, a simulacrum of redistribution. Strange heterogenesis of ends that concerns a trade union increasingly engaged in active politics on all fronts, except for the one that belongs most to it: work. Landini does not mention possible maneuvers or reference scenarios: his record is broken on the extra-profit theme. As if only the withdrawal of extra profits, difficult to identify, on a precise sample of energy companies automatically labeled as speculators and which in any case continue to generate income and employment in the country was the key to solving every problem.

Landini does not seem aware of the fact that also Francesco Gattei, Chief Financial Officer of Eni, highlighted by speaking with The sun 24 hours and commenting on the increase from 550 million to 1.4 billion in the levy for the extra-profits of the six-legged dog, the fact of believing “reasonable” the promotion of “a surtax on profit”merely adding that “a transparent, clear and easily representable tax base is needed”. What seems to be missing in Landini’s reasoning. To which, we add, the fact that the resources to remedy the failure of the Draghi government to proceed with a new budget variance can already be found in the coffers of the State which, as underlined in these columns, has extracted many from citizens and businesses more resources due to the energy crisis: indirect taxes increased by 16.9% due to the dynamics linked to energy, from 79.340 to 92.735 billion euros, an increase of 13.395 billion euros in revenues for the public coffers.

His words at the end of August

Landini wondered two weeks ago if it was “constitutional prevent people from making ends meet” due to the effects of expensive energy. Right and legitimate question that showed concern for an energy crisis that has become increasingly overwhelming but to which, in essence, the head of the CGIL delegates every possible solution to the extractive levy on extra-profits. Furthermore, not thinking about the fact that the manufacturing and distribution companies of gas and electricity must, for the costs of service and purchase of raw materials, include a series of extra outlays in the months to come. Indeed, the luck for Italy so far has been that of having to avoid interventions to save the energy giants in crisis, as happened in France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Sweden and Finland with multi-billion dollar outlays from governments.

Landini’s ideological entrenchment on the extra-profits to be taxed in order to find the panacea for the energy crisis casts a shadow over other more reasonable proposals, such as that of raising the exemption thresholds from higher bills for lower incomes, promoted by the CGIL and substantially not yet to a serious reasoning about the future of the country an institution like the trade union, which has failed to promote real battles for work in these months. The decision to look at the minimum wage as a totem rather than the defense and strengthening of collective labor agreements in an anti-inflationary and worker-friendly sense was a first starting point in this matter. The hunt for extra-profits confirms an attitude that shows a union in crisis and increasingly in difficulty in trying to present itself as a legitimate interpreter of the needs of workers.

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