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E78, FCU, logistic plate and Umbria Airlink for Altotevere development

E78, FCU, logistic plate and Umbria Airlink for Altotevere development
E78, FCU, logistic plate and Umbria Airlink for Altotevere development
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E78, FCU, logistic plate and Umbria Airlink for Altotevere development

On the day of the announcement of the reopening after 5 years of the FCU station of Sant’Anna in Perugia, the Lega organizes a meeting-debate in San Giustino with the regional councilor Enrico Melasecche and the Undersecretary for Labor and Social Policies Tiziana Nisini for reiterate how much transport and infrastructures are fundamental for the economic revival and not only of Umbria. A Region that until a few years ago was abandoned to itself and isolated from the rest of Italy due to the inability of the Democratic Party to develop winning strategies, thanks to the work of the Giunta Tesei and the Lega today registers a long series of initiatives to upgrade the road and railway network and enhance the infrastructure.

The E78Councilor Melasecche explained – The E78 fits perfectly with the assignment of the management of the logistic plate of Città di Castello which will be a fundamental driving force for the development of the entire upper Tiberino territory. By the end of the year we will proceed to the publication of the TPL tender remedying years of illegality deriving from the management of local transport with an obligatory act, thus avoiding that our Region is sanctioned with a fine of five million euros. On 13 September it will resume railway traffic between Ponte San Giovanni and Sant’Anna station; to this is added the speeding up by June 2023 of the railway section between Città di Castello and Ponte San Giovanni with the activation of the ERMTS system. By 2026 it will be completely reactivated, with 163 million of the NRP treats of the FCU Terni – San Sepolcro, with the development of tourist accommodation of 15 stations through the financing of fifteen million euros from the national PINQUA tender. At the airport, theUmbria Air Link which will allow the improvement of the main territories of our Region with the Sant’Egidio regional airport “.

Undersecretary Nisini thanked the councilor Melasecche and the Umbria Region, “because the trains will finally return to Sansepolcro by 2026. 163 million (PNRR funds) which will be destined for the modernization, safety and return to usability of the section, also known as the former railway central Umbrian from Terni to Sansepolcro. An interesting comparison that focuses on the need for increasingly stringent relationships and interlocutions between the regions ”.

Present at the meeting the regional secretary Virginio Caparvi: “A few years ago the left in Umbria entrusted 500 thousand euros to airlines that did not have the authorization to fly and with the money of the Umbrians they sponsored the landscapes of Tuscany. Today the San Francesco Airport is smashing all passenger records and Umbria has produced an advertising campaign that is contributing in a decisive way to the development of tourism and the image of the region at an international level ”.

Senator Luca Briziarelli he stressed that “for the first time in Umbria there is a regional council that is strategically addressing the transport issue and is making a difference. The League has always worked in this sense: when it was approved the unblocking of construction sites, the decree 32 of 2019, we were in the government and it is the one together with the ‘simplifications’ of 2020 that made it possible to appoint 14 commissioners for 38 works and unlock 14.6 billion interventions “.

The regional councilor Manuela Puletti he spoke of “a real turning point imposed by Councilor Melasecche on the theme of transport and infrastructure. The logistic plate, the recovery of the FCU, the commitment to the removal of architectural barriers and the restoration of the Guinza tunnel are proof of this “, while the colleague Valerio Mancini focused attention on the vote of 25 September: “An appointment that puts two ideas of Italy in front of us, that of the” no “that sets the stakes, slows down projects, slows down progress and that of the” yes “that works, that creates opportunities, taking into account environmental sensitivities, but proceeding along the path of territorial development “.

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Representing the Tuscan League, the regional councilor Marco Casucci and the Lega Valtiberina secretary Luca Ciavattini who underlined the “political inadequacy of the left that administers Tuscany and fails to respond to critical situations relating to the E78 and E45 and to those concerning the closure of the Sansepolcro railway section and the Puleto viaduct. In Umbria we travel at a different speed, the commitment of the Giunta Tesei is evident and the results can be seen ”.

Present at the meeting the municipal councilor of San Giustino Corrado Belloni, the secretary of Città di Castello Giorgio Baglioni, moderated by Eng. Alessio Silvestrelli.

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