“I’ll tell you about the sexual abuse of the teacher to my son”

“I’ll tell you about the sexual abuse of the teacher to my son”
“I’ll tell you about the sexual abuse of the teacher to my son”
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The first to get suspicious for the particular attention that that professor reserved for his son was the mother of the 12-year-old alleged victim of sexual abuse by a teacher of a comprehensive school in the province of Benevento. Now the teacher is under house arrest on charges of aggravated sexual assault. The boy’s father told Repubblica that when his wife told him about it, he initially didn’t believe her. In fact, the man could not imagine how a 38-year-old could fall in love with a child.

The teacher was indicated for aggravated sexual violence

The woman, who is now at the House arrestaccording to the magistrates would have managed to ensnare the student through “A subtle and devious work of persuasion”, and then send him hot messages more and more insistent. In two months he would have sent over a hundred and, on one occasion, he would also have committed personal harassment, within the school structure. Fortunately, the 12-year-old found the courage to talk to his parents who immediately informed the school that alerted the police. The carabinieri then launched an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor directed by Aldo Policastro. Next Wednesday the investigated professor, in the presence of her lawyer, the lawyer Angelo Leone, will be heard by the judge. The boy’s family is instead assisted by the lawyer Paolo Abbate.

The victim’s father said he trusted the judiciary and that his family wants the teacher to no longer harm any other child. The 12-year-old, now starting eighth grade and continuing to attend the same school, is recovering with the help of his family and others. “But he suffered a trauma, this is undeniable. We need to help him leave it behind. Luckily he is a very healthy boy: he plays sports, he plays football very well and has always been brilliant in his studies “, said the father who also specified that the first to notice that something was wrong was his wife. The boy’s mother had in fact realized that the teacher had strange attitudes towards her child. It seems in fact that the teacher, in the messages Whatsapp on the class group, addressed the victim differently than the other pupils.

He had reached him by car

Also, as his father reported: “Once my son had gone out to eat a sandwich with some friends and she, even though she lived thirty kilometers away, had taken the car to reach him. This already seemed to us nothing short of anomalous. Then other situations occurred, which will allow me not to tell here for reasons of confidentiality, which had made my wife suspicious. I, on the other hand, was perplexed. But today, in the light of what emerged later, everything takes on a completely different meaning ”. Then one day, the 12-year-old would come home from school upset, he felt dirty and ran to wash his face. When his parents asked him why, he burst into tears and told them that the teacher had called him into the teacher’s room and made advances.

Even night messages

Obviously the parents were upset at that point in their turn but, despite this, they immediately contacted the school coordinator who had called the principal and consequently the carabinieri. The cell phone ofinvestigated was then seized by the investigators who accuse her of having sent messages of “explicit sexual content”, even at night, to the 12 year old. The father was keen to point out that she has always been the teacher to send photographs and videos to her son, and never the other way around. He further stated that “It is not true that there was ‘sex in the classroom’, as it was written, but only that episode I mentioned earlier. I do not enter into judgments of a legal nature that are up to the magistrates. As parents, however, we are still outraged today by what our son had to endure. And it hurts to read certain comments on social media “. According to what the victim’s father claims, there are in fact people who defend the teacher by claiming to have faith in her and who speak of her as a golden person. The man said he was lucky because his son had the courage to talk to his parents, allowing them to intervene before it was too late. But he continues to wonder what would have happened otherwise.

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