Miss Lombardy 2022: Marta Fenaroli from Brescia is third

Miss Lombardy 2022: Marta Fenaroli from Brescia is third
Miss Lombardy 2022: Marta Fenaroli from Brescia is third
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Corte Franca (Brescia) – Miss Lombardy 2022 on tour, stop in Corte Franca (Brescia). A thousand adrenaline for the most anticipated event of the season, the Regional Final of Miss Lombardia, which took place last night at the Franciacorta Golf Club. The event was coordinated and organized by Alessandra Riva, exclusive of the Miss Italia Lombardia tour together with Giovanni Locatelli of Luxury ADV. For the Miss Lombardia Grand Final, all the competitors who in the previous Regional Selections have won the passage to the Regional Finals and the Misses who have already won a title of passage to the Nationals are back in the competition, to try the most coveted regional title.

THE EVENT – Alessandra Riva of Rial Events, as scheduled, held the bearing course at the Miss in competition during the rehearsals of the show that took place in the afternoon. Subsequently, the girls had the opportunity to experience a convivial moment before the big event, during the aperitif offered by the Bistrò del Golf (photo @markbergamophotographer) and at 9 pm the show finally started, on stage the Miss competing accompanied by the godmother of the evening Martina Broggi, elected Miss Milan 2022, who for the occasion dressed the splendid angel wings created by Mia the art of recycling. Once again on a stage very dear to her, also Francesca Mamé, crowned Miss Lombardy 2021 at the Franciacorta Golf Club, who was the special Guest of the evening by giving the band to the new elected.
The exciting show took place with a succession of fashion shows in evening dresses, Miss presentation with the classic competition bodysuit, talented performances and choreography in colored bikinis in memory of a summer that we are about to say goodbye. The exclusive fashion show with the splendid Marinoni Boutique evening dresses that the regional finalists wore, brought the atmosphere of a haute couture catwalk to the Golf.

MISS LOMBARDIA – To then arrive at the most awaited moment, the election of Miss Lombardy, a splendid podium that has seen her rise to the top step Gaia Zamparelli, 18 years old, from Milan, 175 cm tall, hazel eyes and brown bob hair, student, attends the Liceo Classico, has always loved literature and in particular poetry, she likes to express her thoughts by composing poems at only 13 years old won a national poetry competition. She is an art lover and in the past she practiced swimming and athletics at a competitive level.
A whisker from the title the second classified but that has a good reason to celebrate anyway, it is Martina Lucchini, as she was not titled, she received the passage of Miss Givova Sport Lombardia previously held by Gaia Zamparelli crowned Miss Lombardy. Martina thus wins a place in the group of Miss who will represent Lombardy at the National Pre-finals. Martina 22, from Mantua, 1.74m tall, brown eyes and hair, is an engineering student with two great passions: playing the piano and creating bags. Not the
likes to stay still, in fact she has the dream of visiting the world.
Third place for Marta Fenaroli, 1,78, eyes and dark hair, 20 years old from Brescia, attends medicine and one day dreams of becoming a doctor. A few years ago she was struck by a serious disease (a cancer in the blood) from which she managed to get out and she decided there to change her life. She just hates her own body for how much she has made her suffer in recent years, but as her revenge, thanks to him, to be able to smile together with many other girls on the stage of Miss Italy. You collaborate with a support association for those people with cancer, who daily struggle for life. She has decided to participate in Miss Italy to follow in her mother’s footsteps and to get closer to the world of fashion, her great passion. Mother Zoraima Festa was Miss Girls in Gambissime Abruzzo in 1991.

AWARDS – At the time of the awards, priority was given to Miss Social, the new national project “Miss Italy promotes Italy” which began on 1 August and ended on 8 September, a real Regional Title that is added to the 10 titles up for grabs for Lombardy, where the Misses were called to make a video telling their hometowns, a sign of a competition deeply linked to the Italian territory, the winner who distinguished herself for having told her reality of origin in a more creative and who could wear the headband of Miss Social Lombardia 2022 is Marta Fenaroli, already on the third step of the podium of the evening. The title of Miss Social is cumulative so Marta Fenaroli will present herself at the Nationals with the double title together with that of Miss Miluna Lombardia After the usual photos on stage, the atmosphere melted with the exclusive Party accompanied by DJ Andrea’s remixes Heinstein where the Misses and all the guests present were able to celebrate not only the success of the Miss Italia Lombardia 2022 tour managed exclusively by Alessandra Riva of Rial Events, but also the representatives of Lombardy who will leave next week for the national pre-finals.

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THE ACTIVITIES’ – The program will involve the entire weekend, the 11 Finalists (10 finalists if the title of Miss Social will be won by an already titled girl) stayed overnight in order to participate in today’s activities, where they are the protagonists of photo shoots and video shoots, always in the splendid setting of the Franciacorta Golf Club. They will also be involved in the creation of social content to promote their departure to the National pre-finals. The challenge of the national pre-finals will bring to Fano, from 16 to 18 September, 197 girls, winners of the regional titles awarded during the 350 selections that animated the squares throughout Italy.
For the first time the Competition arrives in the city of Fano, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, and is a return to the Marche after 17 years. In fact, Miss Italia experienced a golden period in San Benedetto del Tronto, site of the pre-finals from 1998 to 2005.
The national finalists who will represent the Lombardy region at the national pre-finals, in addition to Miss Lombardia Gaia Zamparelli, Miss Miluna Lombardia and Miss Social Lombardia Marta Nerina Fenaroli and Miss Givova Sport Lombardia are:
NIKOLA DURISOVA – MISS BELLA DEI LAGHI, 20 years old from Varese, 1.78 m brown eyes and blond hair, artist, attends the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she is a very creative person she has in fact created a pollution-themed board game marine to raise awareness on the topic of environmental pollution. She loves animals and the world of fashion.
REBECCA GADDI – MISS ELEGANZA LOMBARDIA, 24 years old from Como, 1.75 m, medical student with the dream of becoming an osteopath specializing in children and pregnant women; she loves dance, practices modern, contemporary, hip hop and American Latin dances.
VANESSA ETEMAJ – MISS ROCCHETTA BELLEZZA LOMBARDIA, 24 years old, 173 cm brown eyes and hair from Calcio (BG), born in Italy from parents Kossovari has a hairdressing diploma but currently works in a bar because she loves being in contact with people; she has always dreamed of being part of the fashion world and she hopes that Miss Italy’s path can be a good opportunity for her future.
MELISSA ARNOLDI – MISS KISSIMO LOMBARDIA, 23 years old from Dalmine (Bergamo), 173 tall, blonde has heterochromia, different colored eyes, one green and one blue. You studied as a multimedia graphic designer and now works in a dealership. Her passion is music, she has always sung. You have two dreams in the drawer: the first is to have a family and the second is to work in the entertainment world.
ANGELICA FERRARI – MISS CINEMA LOMBARDIA, 18 years old from Capralba (Cremona) 176 cm blue eyes and blond hair, high school student, she has a passion for the television world and for artistic gymnastics that she has been practicing since she was 4 years old also at a competitive level. She also has a passion for studying languages, she speaks Spanish, English and French and has studied Chinese for two years.
The National Finalists will be ready tomorrow – Monday 12 September Rial Events in collaboration with the Villa Paradiso Golf Club in Cornate D’Adda (Monza Brianza) organized the special event to host the protagonists of the Lombard tour ready to go and represent our region at the national stages: the Miss Italia Lombardia 2022 Finalists will be officially presented to the public and the press, during a gala dinner in the renovated Golf restaurant. The usual daily activities including shots, filming and creating social content will be useful to promote the girls leaving for the national stages within the beautiful setting of the Villa Paradiso Golf Club.

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